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Welcome to the Wikipedia Task Center!

What do Wikipedians do?

If you are looking for a way to help, find a task that suits you, read the appropriate background pages, and be bold.

And if you are here for the fuzzy feeling, stand back and marvel at the range of work that is done daily by other Wikipedians.



Suitable for all editors
Help to verify articles' information, add sources, and fix links.

Sometimes, editors add information without adding sources to back it up. And sometimes sources get old and links no longer work (known as "linkrot"). Your job will be to add sources, verify content, and repair linkrot.


Suitable for all editors
Help put pages into their proper categories.

Pages need to be put into categories so that the public can more easily find them. Help search the new pages feed and the Uncategorized Pages category in order to find pages to categorize. Add categories to articles with too few categories.

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Copy editing

Suitable for all editors
Help keep Wikipedia articles clear, clean, and easy to read.

Articles created in a rush often have various grammar or tone issues. Please help fix them to make the article decent for the public.
Note: this task does require a very high level of English writing skill, and is not a recommended task for editors with less than professional proficiency. Editors interested in this task should also familiarise themselves with Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Random Article Patrol

Suitable for all editors
See Wikipedia as it really is, and learn a lot of random information.

Random article patrol is a chance to appreciate how good (and how lacking) Wikipedia is. It can be a soothing experience, especially after tedious maintenance tasks. As a bonus, it can be a great training tool to sharpen your knowledge if you're a trivia buff or are scheduled to appear on Jeopardy! Just go to random pages and fix what you can.

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Answer an Edit Request

Suitable for intermediate editors
Help someone else contribute to the encyclopedia.

Sometimes, users cannot edit a page because it is protected or they are partially blocked from it, or they should not because they have a conflict of interest with its subject. Review their edit requests, implementing the good ones and rejecting the less-than-good ones.


Suitable for intermediate editors
Stop vandals from damaging Wikipedia.

Wikipedia gets thousands of edits per day—unfortunately, many of these are vandalism. As a Recent Changes Patroller, you are the first line of defense against such abuse, ensuring that readers of Wikipedia are not faced with vandalized content where they expected to find a useful article.

General Image Maintenance

Suitable for intermediate editors
Help fix issues with images.

Uploading images on Wikipedia is a lengthy process and many mistakes are made. Therefore, there are a lot of mistakes that need to be fixed.

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Merging and Splitting

Suitable for intermediate editors
Sometimes articles need to be combined or separated by hand.

Help merge articles by adding a redirect and copying and pasting or help split an article by removing content and pasting it into a new article. When merging, follow attribution rules to ensure copyright compliance.

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New Images Patrol

Suitable for intermediate editors
Prevent the illegal release of images.

Search the new images feed to find pictures that violate rules and copyright laws and get them deleted.

New Pages Patrol

Suitable for advanced editors
Help delete spam articles before the public sees them.

Some people, either acting in good faith or maliciously, create new articles which aren't suitable for inclusion on Wikipedia. By participating in new article patrol you can ensure that these articles are deleted as soon as possible.


Expand a Short Article

Suitable for intermediate editors
Help fill the gaps of Wikipedia article content.

Help make small articles called stubs more complete by doing more research.

Translate an Article

Suitable for multilingual intermediate editors
Help improve Wikipedia's global coverage.

Article contributions are made in many languages besides English. Helpers are needed to translate and polish translations so that all languages have good coverage of notable topics.

Expand a Broad-topic Article

Suitable for advanced editors
Help fill the gaps of important Wikipedia articles.

Improve our coverage on broad-topic articles. It could be as simple as copyediting or adding sources.

Create an Article

Suitable for advanced editors
Help expand the reach of the encyclopedia.

Create an article on a subject previously unknown to Wikipedia.

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Good Articles

Suitable for advanced editors
Help edit and nominate articles or review nominations of articles for good article status.

Find potentially good articles and work on them for a while to bring them up to a high standard. Then nominate them for Good Article status. You can also review good article nominations and critique them.

Featured Articles

Suitable for ambitious and advanced editors
Help nominate or review nominations of articles for featured article status.

Upgrade articles and work on them for a long time to bring them up to a very high standard, until they deserve to be featured on the main page. Then, get peer review and nominate them for Featured Article status. You can also critique feature article nominations. Obtaining featured article status is considered to be one of the most prized achievements in Wikipedia.


Contribute to Noticeboards

Suitable for intermediate editors
Help contribute to discussions on noticeboards.

Contribute your opinions to noticeboards in order to have a say in important decisions and help come to consensus on certain issues.

Help Someone

Suitable for intermediate or advanced editors
Answer questions from newer Wikipedians.

Help a user needing help. You don't have to know everything and you can just answer the questions you know. There is a need for more helpers to help speed up response times.

The Rewards Board

Suitable for intermediate or advanced editors
Come to receive or post reward listings for editing tasks.

The Rewards Board is a place where anyone can come to either post a task that they want done in exchange for a reward or to fulfill a task in exchange for a reward. The rewards offered are mostly barnstars but some people offer items or money for their tasks.

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Conflict Resolution

Suitable for advanced editors
Help editors come to a consensus with minimal conflict.

Providing unbiased commentary is a great chance to improve your Wiki-relations. Instead of debating, you can read the arguments of opposing editors and suggest a compromise that is in Wikipedia’s best interest. By doing so, you will learn a lot about the policies.

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