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April 1872 Spanish general election

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April 1872 Spanish general election

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All 391 seats of the Congress of Deputies
196 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Práxedes Mateo Sagasta Francesc Pi i Margall Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla
Party Conservative-Constitutional coalition FDRP Radical Democratic
Leader's seat Madrid Barcelona Madrid
Seats won 236 52 42
Seat change Increase1 new party
Percentage 60.36% 13.30% 10.74%
Swing Increase0.26 new party

Spanish Congress of Deputies, after the election

Prime Minister before election

Práxedes Mateo Sagasta
Constitutional Party

Prime Minister after election

Francisco Serrano y Domínguez

General elections to the Cortes Generales were held in Spain on April 3, 1872. At stake were all 391 seats in the Congress of Deputies. The Conservative-Constitutional coalition (political heir of the Progressive-Liberal coalition in the previous elections) won the elections.


General elections of Spain of 1872 were held on April 8 under universal male suffrage. The elections were held during the brief reign of Amadeo I, once the Constitution of 1869 was approved. Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, a member of the Constitutional Party (part of the Conservative-Constitutional coalition), was the prime minister before the elections.


Party Seats Difference Leader
Conservative-Constitutional coalition 236 Increase1 Práxedes Mateo Sagasta
Federal Democratic Republican Party 52 = Francesc Pi i Margall
Radical Democratic Party 42 New Party Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla
Catholic-Monarchist Communion 38 Decrease13 Cándido Nocedal
Moderate Party 11 Decrease7 Alejandro Mon y Menéndez
Independents 12 Decrease5
Total 391