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1869 Spanish general election

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1869 Spanish general election

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All 352 seats of the Congress of Deputies
176 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Juan Prim Francesc Pi i Margall Carlos, Duke of Madrid
Party Progressive-Liberal coalition FDRP CTC
Leader's seat Madrid Barcelona
Seats won 236 85 20
Seat change new party new party new party
Percentage 67.05% 24.15% 5.68%

Spanish Congress of Deputies, after the election

Prime Minister before election

Juan Prim
Progressive Party

Prime Minister after election

Juan Prim
Progressive Party

General elections to the Cortes Generales were held in Spain on the 15 January 1869. At stake were all 352 seats in the Congress of Deputies, plus 11 Puerto Rican and 18 Cuban additional seats.


The 1869 elections were the first ones after the Glorious Revolution of 1868, and also the first ones in the Sexenio Democrático.


Party Seats Difference Leader
Progressive-Liberal coalition 236 New General Juan Prim y Prats
Federal Democratic Republican Party 85 New Francesc Pi i Margall
Catholic-Traditionalist Communion 20 New Carlos, Duke of Madrid
Right-wing independents 3 New José Ramón Bugallal
Other 8 New
Total 352