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1834 Spanish general election

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1834 Spanish general election

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All 188 seats of the Congress of Deputies
94 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Francisco de Paula Martínez de la Rosa y Berdejo Juan Álvarez Mendizábal
Party Moderate Progressive Party
Leader's seat Madrid Madrid
Seats won 111 77
Seat change new party new party
Percentage 59.04% 40.96%

Spanish Congress of Deputies, after the election

Prime Minister before election

Francisco Cea Bermúdez

Prime Minister after election

Francisco de Paula Martínez de la Rosa y Berdejo
Moderate Party

General elections to the Cortes Generales were held in Spain in 1834. At stake were all 188 seats in the Congress of Deputies.


The 1834 elections were the first ones since the 1822, and signaled the return of liberalism to Spain after the absolutist Década Ominosa. The elections were held under the Spanish Royal Statute of 1834,[1] not under a full constitutional system. Only around 18,000 people were allowed to vote, out of a population of 12 million.


A majority voting system was used for the election, with 48 multi-member constituencies and 1 single-member constituency.


Party Seats Difference
Moderate Party 111 New
Progressive Party 77 New
Total 188


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