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This is a page of featured pictures that have been skipped from appearing as picture of the day for various reasons. Some of these are mainly blocked by their articles or usage (for example, a very short article, or insufficient context), whereas others have more fundamental problems and will probably never appear on the main page. This is not a policy page or archive of discussions; with the exception of the first category, things may be removed from here without any further discussion. Note that some headings may be empty at any particular time. This is fine, it's better to have a framework for new images to be added to than to lack that framework.

Pictures added to this page should also be manually added to Category:Picture of the day/Unused.

For pictures that have not appeared yet, see Category:Featured pictures that have not appeared on the Main Page.

Least likely to appear[edit]

Major problems or cases where we simply did not act in a timely enough manner, and Wikipedia has moved on from the images too much. Largely a mixture of "We can't put that on the main page!" and "...Should this still be a featured picture?"

Could cause harm[edit]


Image Article Reason
Someone being lynched Lynching Voted against appearing in a discussion May 2022. Undocumented image with photographic decisions that lessen the victim's humanity, e.g. the hat put over the face. We don't know who or where this is, making this of very low value to historians. Also, it's on MediaWiki:Bad image list, which means we should be extra careful as we know that this image (or ones like it) have been used disruptively.
Picture of an intersex person Hermaphrodite (Nadar) Voted against appearing in a discussion May 2022. Risk of harm to intersex people due to it being too clinical, too potentially exploitative, too likely to cause people to object to the nudity then jump straight to attacking intersex people if not properly contextualised. Nominator and restorer of the image requests it not appear.
September Morn September Morn Voted against appearing per discussion at Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests/September Morn. A mixture of issues with article's creator and issues with the painting's model being under eighteen.

Licensing issues[edit]

Non-free material must not appear on the main page. As such, anything with unclear status cannot appear.

Image Article Reason
Many places From [1] it appears that this image satisfies PD-Canada but not PD-US, and is therefore ineligible for inclusion on Wikipedia (or indeed Commons)

Do note, though, that several discussions on Commons have disagreed on this point: It was out of copyright in Canada by the URAA date. As such, it may well be a perfectly clear status that's being ignored

Probably not actually a featured picture anymore[edit]

Images with no significant usage, and unlikely to gain any, or just really bad quality. These should probably be delisted.

Image Article Reason
Cosmic Microwave Background We used to block images from the main page if a different variant had appeared (in this case, File:WMAP 2008.png). We haven't for years at time of writing this, but it's a bit too late to put it on the main page: It's now only used as an infobox icon and has no substantial usage.

Ones primarily blocked by articles[edit]

There's nothing inherently wrong with these images, but their articles are either too short or too problematic to put on the main page. If someone was willing to put in the work, most of these are potentially main page worthy.

Image Article Reason
Art and engraving on United States banknotes Kind of hard to make anything out of a single entry in a list. Could maybe run it alongside File:US-Fractional (5th Issue)-$0.10-Fr.1265.jpg?
Wheat Fields Only about one sentence on the image itself; difficult to put in context.
Vienna Diptych Article way too short.
Lichfield Cathedral Not currently used in article, probably because of the similarity of File:Lichfield Cathedral Choir 2, Staffordshire, UK - Diliff.jpg (which was the Picture of the Day on 2022-09-23).
Hippasa Article consists of one sentence and a list, and the image is one species in the genus.

Half union (in theory) Not used.
Fuscous honeyeater Article way too short, and the most relevant text is uncited.
Wonga pigeon Article basically uncited.
Nanpu Bridge Article is an uncited stub
Python brongersmai Might be okay to run this, but article stops being cited half-way through.
Marburger Schloss article a stub
Yellow-billed cardinal article is a stub
Yellow-billed cardinal
both articles are stubs
Le Boulevard de Montmartre, Matinée de Printemps article is a stub
Peucetia article is a stub
Château de Luynes article is a stub
Hortus Haren both this and the other article, moon gate, are stubs
Dichroic prism article is entirely uncited, and also not entirely clear what the picture is, per Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/2023 January 30
Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia no usable cited material in the article
Portrait of Adeline Ravoux no usable cited material really pertaining to the painting
Hemimorphite no inline cites
Aeshna affinis no inline cites
Lavender waxbill Stub, and not well referenced
Not currently in any article, and doubt about which turtle it is
Nassau grouper Not enough usable cited material in the article
Black-fronted dotterel No inline cites
St. Gilgen Article largely uncited
Desert rose (crystal) Article largely cited to unreliable sources
Northern_masked_weaver Article a short stub and largely uncited
Silver-washed fritillary Article largely uncited
Brilliant emerald Article is a stub and not enough usable material in it
Kentish glory Article largely uncited
Libythea celtis Article stubby, and not certain how much is cited
Cucullia lucifuga Article is a stub without any inline citations
Saturnia pavonia Article is a stub without any inline citations
Mercury switch Article doesn't have enough cited usable material
Chalarodon madagascariensis Both Chalarodon madagascariensis and Chalarodon are poorly referenced stubs
Rusty-margined flycatcher Other than a detailed taxonomy, article has no other cited content
David with the Head of Goliath (Caravaggio, Vienna) not sufficiently referenced to write a blurb
Lion of Babylon very short stub with almost no refs
Kungur Ice Cave almost no refs
Lycaena phlaeas no inline refs
Wu Yong no inline refs
Landscape with the Good Samaritan no inline refs
Spur-winged lapwing most sections unreferenced and not enough material to generate meaningful blurb
Chesterton Windmill mostly unreferenced
River tern no inline refs
Sella group no inline refs
Small red damselfly no inline refs
Small red damselfly no inline refs

Doubts as to whether this is the preferred version[edit]

Images that may or may not have some usage, but have another version of some prominence that should probably be talked about before we put this on the main page.

Image Article Reason
Unused Usage replaced by File:Korenveld - s0146V1962 - Van Gogh Museum.jpg; not clear which is more accurate.
Theoretically Wheatfield with Crows Replaced in Wheatfield with Crows by File:Vincent Van Gogh - Wheatfield with Crows.jpg

Holding areas[edit]

These images may be about to leave POTD/Unused, by one means or another. Things are unlikely to stay in these categories all that long, so they might be empty at any one time, but should be kept around to encourage proper classification.

Under discussion[edit]

These images are temporarily being delayed to allow a discussion or delist vote to take place.

Image Article Reason

Potentially ready for Main Page?[edit]

Images held back at one point, but which might be fine now. If they are obviously fine, just remove Category:Picture of the day/Unused from the image, and it should be scheduled shortly (possibly by you).

Image Article Reason