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Administrator instructions for WP:ERRORS:

  1. Check that the error has consensus or is uncontroversial (spelling, etc.).
  2. Make sure that any necessary changes are made to the supporting article(s) first.
  3. Fix the error. See the toolbox on the side for links.
    • Caveat: if you're changing a picture, please protect it first!
    • For DYK errors: amend the record at the article's talk page, as required.
    • For POTD errors: make the same changes to the unprotected version of the blurb.
  4. Remove the report from the page, using an edit summary such as "Done – Fixed misspelling of foobar in WP:ITN."

If an item in an error report is no longer present on the main page, it can be removed immediately. Rejected items should be replied to, and left for up to six hours, unless the report is bogus or vandalism.

As always, use common sense: check to make sure that a report is accurate before applying the proposed fix.