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This TFA STATS page is an attempt to recognise Wikipedia's most viewed today's featured articles. Articles are listed below based on page views surpassing 100,000 hits on the day of the article's appearance on the Main Page. Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Wikipedia's first Featured Article to be featured on the Main Page, page view statistics were not tracked until December 2007. As a result, the page views listed below do not include TFAs from 2004 to 2007.

Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most popular main page featured articles. The list may be helpful for determining correlations between reader views and topics featured on the main page, in relation to the date selected.


  1. Statistics before September 2015 are based on Henrik's page view tool at, and statistics after October 2015 are based on ErrantX's DYK Stats tool at toollabs:dykstats/. The new tool is based on a Wikimedia API and includes mobile viewers.
  2. As time will have passed since the article was TFA, the lead may also have changed. Click the "Today's featured article" link on the article's talk page, and copy the first few sentences of the blurb from there.
  3. Include only a TFA that has had at least a hundred thousand views on the day it appeared on the main page.

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