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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from May 1 to May 31. Articles for dates beyond then can be listed here, but please note that doing so does not count as a nomination and does not guarantee selection.
Before listing here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
May 5 Can I Get It Why MaranoFan
May 12 Mother (Meghan Trainor song) Why MaranoFan Sheila1988
May 14 Israeli citizenship law Why Horserice Sheila1988
May 26 40 Wall Street Why Epicgenius Sheila1988
June 1 Ludwigsburg Palace Why Vami IV Gerda Arendt
June 6 Saving Private Ryan Why Darkwarriorblake, Vote for something that matters Sheila1988
June 15 Death of Kevin Gately Why Kusala1952, SchroCat Sheila1988
June 16 Whisky Galore! (1949 film) Why SchroCat Dank
June 20 Japanese aircraft carrier Hiyō Why Sturmvogel_66 Peacemaker67
June 21 Giraffe Why LittleJerry
June 25 Mckenna Grace Why Pamzeis
July 1 Maple syrup Why Nikkimaria Dank
July 18 John Glenn Why Hawkeye7, Kees08 Dank
July 19 John D. Whitney Why Ergo Sum
July 29 SMS Bodrog Why Peacemaker67
August 11 Yugoslav torpedo boat T2 Why Peacemaker67
August 19 Battle of Winwick Why Gog the Mild
August 26 Hundred Years' War, 1345–1347 Why Gog the Mild
September Avenue Range Station massacre Why (rerun, first TFA was September 3, 2018) Peacemaker67
September 6 Liz Truss Why Tim O'Doherty Sheila1988
September 21 Artur Phleps Why (rerun, first TFA was November 29, 2013) Peacemaker67
October 1 The Founding Ceremony of the Nation Why Wehwalt
October 4 Olmec colossal heads Why Simon Burchell Dank
October 14 Brandenburg-class battleship Why Parsecboy Parsecboy and Dank
October 15 Battle of Glasgow, Missouri Why HF
October 19 "Bad Romance" Why FrB.TG
October 21 Takin' It Back Why MaranoFan
October 25 Fusō-class battleship Why Sturmvogel_66 and Dank Peacemaker67
October 29 Cucurbita Why Sminthopsis84 and Chiswick Chap Dank
October 31 The Smashing Pumpkins Why WesleyDodds Dank
November Yugoslav destroyer Ljubljana Why Peacemaker67
November 3 1964 Illinois House of Representatives election Why Elli
November 11 Mells War Memorial Why HJ Mitchell Ham II
November 17 SMS Friedrich Carl Why Parsecboy Peacemaker67
November 18 Donkey Kong Country Why TheJoebro64, Jaguar TheJoebro64
November 21 MLS Cup 1999 Why SounderBruce
November 22 Donkey Kong 64 Why czar
November 27 Interstate 182 Why SounderBruce
December 1 Mariah Carey Why Extraordinary Machine SNUGGUMS
December 13 Taylor Swift Why Ronherry FrB.TG, Ticklekeys, SNUGGUMS
December 20 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Why TheJoebro64 Sheila1988
December 25 A Very Trainor Christmas Why MaranoFan Sheila1988
January 8 Elvis Presley Why PL290, DocKino, Rikstar Dank
January 9 Title (album) Why MaranoFan
January 22 Caitlin Clark Why Sportzeditz Dank
March 18 Edward the Martyr Why Amitchell125 Sheila1988
March 26 Pierre Boulez Why Dmass Sheila1988
April 12 Dolly de Leon Why Pseud 14
April 25 1925 FA Cup Final Why Kosack Dank
May 5 Me Too (Meghan Trainor song) Why MaranoFan
June 1 Total Recall (1990 film) Why Harizotoh9
June 26 Donkey Kong Land Why Harizotoh9
August 23 Yugoslav torpedo boat T3 Why Peacemaker67
August 30 Late Registration Why Harizotoh9
September 30 or October 1 Hoover Dam Why NortyNort, Wehwalt Dank
October 3 Spaghetti House siege Why SchroCat Dank
October 10 Tragic Kingdom Why EA Swyer Harizotoh9
October 16 Angela Lansbury Why Midnightblueowl MisawaSakura
October 18 Royal Artillery Memorial Why HJ Mitchell Ham II

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