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Not to be confused with Wikipedia:Unreviewed featured articles (WP:URFA),
a similar, now-complete effort started in 2006

This is the main page for sortable lists of Unreviewed featured articles compiled in 2020. A January 2022 Signpost article called "Forgotten Featured" explored the effort.

Subpages are organized by the date of the last review (promoted at FAC or kept at FAR) and include only extant FAs last reviewed before 2016—now seven years ago or more.

A chronological list of only those articles that have been given talk page notice of the need for a review (required before submitting an article to FAR) is at Wikipedia:Featured article review/notices given. When giving notice of a FAR needed, articles should also be added there, and when submitting an article to FAR, should be removed from there.

Please dig in to help reduce the backlog of older FAs needing review!


The pages are quite large, so notes should be kept brief, remembering that the aims are to a) engage editors for improvement before a Featured article review (FAR), and b) determine which FAs need to be submitted to FAR if improvement does not occur. Please use standardized note conventions so that sorting of the columns will return helpful results. Avoid the use of templated diffs like {{dif}} so the pages will not hit template limits. When entering comments on article talk pages for URFA/2020, please use ==[[WP:URFA/2020]]== as a standard article talk page heading that will help other editors know where to add or find review commentary.
Notes should include brief comments with links to the relevant page, and trimmed signatures to help keep the page size down.
  • Notes, ping, query: for an attempt to engage still-active nominators, WikiProjects or editors with topic area knowledge. This is not a formal notice of a pending FAR, as required in the instructions at FAR, rather a pre-FAR attempt to engage editors towards improvement. No sig needed; a link to the article talk version of the note suffices. Checking back on articles with Notes to determine if an upgrade to an official notice for FAR after several weeks is recommended. Sample: Notes 2021-11-30
  • Noticed: followed by a link to the article talk version of the note with date for FAs that have been given "official" talk page notice of a FAR needed. After a sufficient amount of time, that article can be nominated at FAR. No sig needed; a link to the article talk version of the note suffices. If you formally notice an article for a pending FAR, please remember to also add the article to Wikipedia:Featured article review/notices given. Deciding whether to only add Notes to an article talk page, versus giving formal notice of a FAR needed, can sometimes be evaluated by looking at the original FAC and checking whether the original writers are still watching the article. Sample: Noticed 2021-12-01
  • Working: you or another editor are making active improvements to the article. This should not be used for articles that are at FAR. If you list an article as "working", please remember to check back and update. Sample: Working 2021-03-12
  • FAR: for articles submitted to FAR, sign with a manual version of your user name and date. If you submit an article from the WP:FARGIVEN list, please remember to also remove the notice there. Sample: FAR 2021-06-26
  • Satisfactory: if you review an article on this list and find there are not sufficient issues to warrant a FAR, please sign your opinion manually with your user name only, and type in the date. Perfection is not expected, but for articles that haven't yet appeared as Today's featured article (TFA), a more strenuous review is warranted. If you are reviewing an article in which you are a top contributor, please indicate so. Samples:

Please do not add extended commentary about article status to this page; more extensive notes about improvements needed or deficiencies noted should be listed on article talk, with the link to the article talk page given here for brevity. Comments placed on article talk are more likely to be seen by other editors, increasing the chances of article improvement.

Please do review the FAs that you nominated or have been involved with, with an indication in Notes of your involvement. That you are still watchlisting them probably means they are in good shape, and your note will encourage others to have a look so "your" FAs can be moved off of the list of older FAs needing review.

Once three experienced FA reviewers have opined that an article is satisfactory, it will be moved to the "Kept or FAR not needed" section. (Hence, when entering the third “Satisfactory”, please record the diff to the version of the article that is deemed “FAR not needed” by three editors.) If differences arise, articles can be submitted to FAR. As articles at FAR are Kept or Delisted, those entries are moved to the appropriate section, and the tallies are updated.