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Ultraviolet is an open source counter-vandalism user script written in TypeScript and is used to revert problematic edits, warn and report editors, request page protection and perform other moderation and maintenance tasks.

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Why Ultraviolet?[edit]

An image of the visible spectrum, in order of increasing wavelength.

There are a few reasons as to why the name "Ultraviolet" was chosen.

  • On the visible spectrum, violet is on the opposite side of red. Further past the visible spectrum in decreasing wavelength, is ultraviolet.
  • At the time of deciding, WP:UV was an available shortcut.
  • We wanted to retain a color in the title for easy recognition.

In addition to the script, the team decided to take on the name 10nm, the smallest wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light (10 nanometers).

And no, the "V" in "violet" is not capitalized, unlike the "W" in "Warn".

Relation with RedWarn[edit]

Ultraviolet is a rewritten version of RedWarn, initially developed by User:Ed6767. Along with the release of the new rewrite of the userscript, we've decided to rename for various reasons, documented on our development wiki.

For a complete list of what we have so far, take a look at Wikipedia:Ultraviolet/Compatibility matrix.


The team behind Ultraviolet is the same team behind RedWarn. Each person on the team contributes their own set of skills and tasks for Ultraviolet, whether it be development process, documentation writing, or community response.


Additional credits[edit]


Ultraviolet is in beta, so you may face some bugs and issues. Please be willing to give your feedback if you try in order so that the developers can collect feedback on suggested features, bugs and other issues.

As of now, Ultraviolet is not perfectly backwards-compatible with RedWarn. Some features, primarily customization options, may still be missing or lacking. The current version of Ultraviolet can (and should) run alongside Twinkle to avoid any blind spots in your counter-vandalism patrolling feature set.

Want to chat with other Ultraviolet users and help contribute to the project? Join our Discord server or #ultraviolet connect on Libera.


You are responsible for all edits made with Ultraviolet. You have the chance to review every action you make. You are expected to have properly studied Wikipedia's policies and guidelines prior to using Ultraviolet and expected to use Ultraviolet within Wikipedia's policies and guidelines or risk being blocked from editing.

Discouraged behaviour[edit]

Ultraviolet is a powerful tool, and some behaviour is strongly discouraged, including but not limited to:

  • Misusing the revert or Alert on Change options to violate ownership of content or edit warring policies
  • Consistently misusing user warning templates
  • Overuse of a single quick rollback reason, which may discourage newer editors
  • Bypassing any permission level restriction (i.e., using Ultraviolet before autoconfirmed, or using restricted features before becoming extended-confirmed)
  • Gaming around special permissions, such as the ability to send mass messages

A disclaimer regarding rollback[edit]

As with any semi-automated tool, whether you use rollback (tagged as "Rollback, Ultraviolet") or pseudo-rollback (tagged as "Undo, Ultraviolet") does not imply abuse; cases of abuse should be treated differently. "If a tool or manual method is used to add an appropriate explanatory edit summary, then rollback may be freely used as with any other method of reverting." However, if you do not use an appropriate edit summary in your rollback reason, you risk losing your rollback permissions.


To test out Ultraviolet's features, have a go at giving warnings to User talk:Sandbox for user warnings. Nearly all elements are labeled with placeholders and tooltips to demonstrate the purpose of a button or text box. Once you've got the hang of it, feel free to start patrolling for vandalism on Special:RecentChanges.


There are multiple ways to contact members of the Ultraviolet Team can be reached. While it is preferred to use the talk page, any of the below methods may be used to contact members. Please note that certain methods, such as IRC and Discord, may take some time to receive a response. If you have a confidential issue with Ultraviolet, then please refrain from using the below methods and instead email ultraviolet.issue@toolforge.org (redwarn.issue@toolforge.org for RedWarn). You can contact team members via the following methods:

  • Through the Ultraviolet talk page.
  • Through the Ultraviolet Discord server.
  • Through IRC at #redwarn-team connect on Libera.
  • Through any of the Ultraviolet team members' talk pages.
  • Through any of the Ultraviolet team members' emails (using Special:Email).
  • Through any of the Ultraviolet team Toolforge maintainers' emails (using tools.ultraviolet@toolforge.org).

If you wish to report a bug you have experienced, please collect screenshots and logs using the instructions at Wikipedia:Ultraviolet/Documentation/Troubleshooting.

If you're unable to contact any Ultraviolet team member, this may be due to a rare event where none of them are available. In most cases, a team member should be able to respond within 24 hours.

General communications about RedWarn on Libera should be on #redwarn connect instead. You will be removed from #redwarn-team if you do not have any immediate concerns.


Preview Template
This user uses Ultraviolet to fight vandalism.

{{User:UBX/Ultraviolet userbox}}
This user has both Ultraviolet and Twinkle, and may use them together!

{{User:UBX/UV and TW}}
This user has both Ultraviolet and Huggle, and may use them together!

{{User:UBX/UV and Huggle}}
This user wishes to be chaotic and has both Ultraviolet and RedWarn, and may use them together!RW

{{User:UBX/UV and RW}}

For a topicon, add {{Ultraviolet topicon}} to your userpage.

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