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Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts

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Navigation shortcuts offer the ability to add personal links to the sidebar, providing quick and easy access to favourite articles within Wikipedia.

Quick installation: add {{subst:navshortcuts}} to your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file). See installation section below for full installation instructions and configuration section for instructions on adding sidebar links.


  • Add one or more personal sidebars with links below the Wikipedia logo.
    • Sidebar is the Wikipedia's menu on the left (by default), beneath the Wikipedia logo.
    • Note: Navigation shortcuts does not remove any portlets and/or links from the default Wikipedia sidebar. Use common.css to do that (or equivalent skin-specific file).


  • User account on the Wikipedia.
  • Enabled and working javascripts in your browser.


  • You must have a user account in order to install and use the Navigation shortcuts. If you do not have an account you will need to create one and log in.
  • Clear your browser's cache. See your common.js to learn how to do that.


Navigation shortcuts automatically add a new sidebar portlet (menu with links) named the same as your login is. To add links to the portlet, edit code on your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file).


For each link add one line containing

shortcutsAddLink ( 'name', 'article' );


  • name is the displayed name in the link,
  • article is the article name that the link points to.

Add the lines in the same order in which you want the links to appear in the sidebar between the braces ( { and } ) in the following code:

window.shortcutsInit = function ()
  shortcutsAddLink ('Navigation shortcuts', 'Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts');

More portlets[edit]

If you want to add more sidebar portlets, use

shortcutsStartSection ( 'name' );

to start each one. In result the code should look like this:

window.shortcutsInit = function ()
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Navigation shortcuts', 'Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts' );

  shortcutsStartSection ('wikify');

  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Wikify',          'WP:WWF' );
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Guide to layout', 'WP:GTL' );
  shortcutsAddLink ( 'Manual of Style', 'WP:MOS' );


Keep in mind that all configuration must be done within the window.shortcutsInit = function () { ... }. If the shortcuts are not working, check whether you did not accidentally modify these lines:

  • window.shortcutsInit = function ()
  • };

Also double-check that all the configuration is placed between those lines.


  • Report bugs and problems on the talk page.
  • Request features and post suggestions on the talk page.

Development version[edit]

This tool remains under development. The very latest version is available at User:Jsimlo/shortcuts-dev.js and it may see new features before the stable version. Be warned that it may break from time to time. If you do want to install it, type {{subst:js|User:Jsimlo/shortcuts-dev.js}} into your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file). Do not forget to delete your current installation of Navigation shortcuts as they may interfere with each other, resulting in duplicated links.


  • To uninstall Navigation shortcuts, delete all lines referring to User:Jsimlo/shortcuts.js from your common.js (or equivalent skin-specific file). Also remove all configuration from the rest of the file.
  • Clear your browser's cache. See your common.js to learn how to do that.