Catalunya Sí que es Pot

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Catalunya Sí que es Pot
SpokespersonLluís Rabell
Founded15 July 2015
Merger ofPodem
Preceded byICV–EUiA
Succeeded byEn Comú Podem
Catalunya en Comú–Podem
IdeologyLeft-wing populism
Social justice
Catalan right of self-determination
Political positionLeft-wing

Catalunya Sí que es Pot (English: "Catalonia Yes We Can", also translated as "Catalonia It Is Possible" or "Yes, Catalonia Can") was a left-wing coalition composed of Podemos, Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV) and United and Alternative Left (EUiA). It was formed in 2015 to stand in the Catalan election scheduled for 27 September that year.[1][2][3]

CSQP secured 367,613 votes (8.94% of the vote) and 11 seats in the 2015 Catalan election.


We Can (Podem)
Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV)
United and Alternative Left (EUiA)
Equo (Equo)

Electoral performance[edit]

Parliament of Catalonia[edit]

Parliament of Catalonia
Election Votes % # Seats +/– Leading candidate Status in legislature
2015 367,613 8.94% 4th
11 / 135
2[a] Lluís Rabell Opposition



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