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United Left (Galicia)

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United Left
Esquerda Unida
General CoordinatorEva Solla
Merger ofCommunist Party of Galicia
Esquerda Aberta
Communist Youth of Galicia
Communist Party of the Galician People (1986–1989)
Socialist Action Party (1986–2001)
Republican Left of Galicia (1986–2002)
Membership (2015)Increase 1,350[1][2]
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationUnited Left
Regional affiliationSon
En Marea (2015–2019)
Galicia en Común (2019–2023)
Sumar Galicia (since 2023)
ColorsRed, Yellow, Purple
Congreso de los Diputados
1 / 23
(Galician seats)
Spanish Senate
0 / 19
(Galician seats)
Galician Parliament
0 / 75
Mayors in Galicia[a]
2 / 313

Esquerda Unida, EU (English: United Left) is the Galician federation of the Spanish left-wing political and social movement United Left. Eva Solla is the current General Coordinator. The PCG (Galician federation of PCE) is the major member of the coalition.


For the 2012 Galician elections, EU was one of the leading members of the coalition Galician Left Alternative that became the third-biggest party in the Galician Parliament, winning 9 seats, 5 of which were members of EU.

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  1. ^ As Esquerda Unida-Son in Mugardos and as a part of Cangas Left Alternative in Cangas.


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