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This is a page to compile various proposed ideas or various active efforts or resources being hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization for Wikipedia.These are proposals that are currently under discussion; any of the items may be still in development, or alternately may be in preparation for implementation in the regular Wikipedia.

Please do comment on the talk page. you can express any input, feedback, comments, ideas on anything below, or merely to say hi. the purpose of this page is open, inclusive, positive, and beneficial discussion. we would like to hear from you. thanks!!

Table of ideas and efforts[edit]

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Page Summary Status Notes Misc data
m:Global Council The Global Council is a planned body that is intended to serve as "a global structure that responds to the needs of our Movement as a whole and represents communities in an equitable way", and would be "representative of the Movement in its role and composition". It was proposed as part of one of the 2018-20 Strategy recommendations, titled "Ensure Equity in Decision-making", which was then, together with the rest of the recommendations, approved by the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. Under discussion
m:Wikimedia 2030 transition We have a Strategic Direction, recommendations and principles to guide future change for the Wikimedia movement as a whole. Now we need to figure out how we make that change happen so decisions are made and action is taken in collaboration with the people and communities impacted by them, through a Transition into implementation.
m:Wikimedia Design Group During July to August 2020, a diverse Design Group of about twenty volunteers held several working sessions and put together an Outline of the Transition events. The WMF Support Team has been using the Outline as a basis to facilitate the upcoming Transition events. Below is more information about the Design Group, along with detailed updates from its past work (kept in this space for documentation and transparency purposes). Example

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