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This page contains material which is considered humorous. It may also contain advice.
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Even the best Wikipedians need a break sometimes.

A wikibreak, wikiholiday, wikivacation, or leave of wiki-absence is a period when even a wikipediholic must be parted from Wikipedia, although presumably only temporarily.

The pain involved varies from Wikipedian to Wikipedian. Some find it easy to endure, whereas others find the separation agonizing. Often the latter find themselves grasping at any opportunity to go online "just to check what's happening".

The degree of coercion also varies. Some remarkable individuals are actually capable of taking a voluntary wikiholiday: they are to be admired for their strength of character. Some people have to enforce their departure for their own good. Others still are forced into it through circumstances beyond their control: it is often at such times that wikiholics discover their condition.

Generic templates[edit]

The wikibreak template[edit]

When taking a wikibreak, it is a good idea to inform your wikifriends that you are not active and indicate when you might be back. You can use the wikibreak template for this purpose. Let's say Example wants to go on wikibreak until Christmas. They would then place {{wikibreak|Example|on December 25.}} on the top of their user or talk pages, and it produces:

The wikibreak-in-house template[edit]

{{wikibreak-in-house}} produces:

The WikibreakSwitch template[edit]

To keep a template that you can switch on or off, or even convert into many of the others shown below, use {{WikibreakSwitch|<status>}} where <status> may be OFF, ON, LONG, etc.

The tmbox template[edit]

If your message isn't covered by any of the templates on this page, you can use the generic {{tmbox}} template to create a similar-looking box containing your text and one or two images.

Specific case templates[edit]


The busy template[edit]

An alternative for those weaning themselves more slowly from Wikipedia is the '{{Busy}}' template, which is designed for those who are being overtaken by "real" life (if you have one) work. Wikipediholics can use this template to assuage the guilt associated with long breaks from the Wiki. If Example were using this template, they would place either {{busy|Example}} or {{busy|~~~}} at the top of their user page:

A topicon is also available Template:Busy topicon. Use {{Busy topicon}} to use it.

The off and on wikibreak template[edit]

There are times when one is having trouble being able to consistently make contributions for some reason. If you are inconsistently able to make edits, add {{Off and On WikiBreak}} to your userpage, which will produce:

The moving template[edit]

When you move to a new location there is no help for it; you have to stop editing until your computer is found or edit from public computers. {{Moving}} produces:

Name auto adjusts as well as width.


The at school template[edit]

When school beckons, use {{At school}} to get:

Note: This template uses parameters and has a syntax. Click here for a quick look.

The at school occasional template[edit]

When school beckons, but you still have opportunities to edit. ({{At school occasional}})

The exams template[edit]

Another template for those who have exams coming up soon, to add it just add {{exams}} at the top of your user page:

Alternatively, you can use {{exams|date}} to specify the date that your exams finish. That will yield:


The sick/ill template[edit]

For those of us who are sick or ill and would thus be partially inactive, Wikipedians can use {{user health inactive}} to indicate this.

The terminally ill template[edit]

For those of us whose illness will sadly be likely to lead to their death and would thus be partially inactive, Wikipedians can use {{user terminally ill}} to indicate this.

The mental health template[edit]

For those of us who are struggling with mental illness or psychological problems and would thus be partially inactive, Wikipedians can use {{User mental health}} to indicate this.

Note: NEVER add this to a user page that isn't your page, as this is potentially libelous (not to mention cruel).

The stress template[edit]

{{User stress}} produces:


The vacation template[edit]

{{vacation}} produces:

{{vacation|holiday=yes}} produces:

{{vacation|[[User:John Doe|John]]|from=08 July 2024|until=22 July 2024}} produces:

The out of town template[edit]

{{out of town}} produces:

{{out of town|fishing=yes}} produces:


The computer death template[edit]

{{Computer death}} produces:

The no internet access template[edit]

{{No Internet}} produces:

The no power template[edit]

{{No-power}} produces:

The storm break template[edit]

{{Storm-break|storm=foo}} produces:


If you are suffering a loss and you are grieving, you may use {{User grieving}}.


The bonked template[edit]

{{bonked}} produces:

The {{bonked|superbonked=yes}} can be used when you have been wikibonked so much that you will have to leave Wikipedia.

The contempt template[edit]

{{User contempt}} produces:

The discouraged template[edit]

For those users who have been disheartened by the wikiprocess through failure, edit wars, bullying, and other acts of not assuming good faith towards the user. They may also be suffering from a sense of wikifailure. Wikipedians displaying {{Discouraged}} may periodically check their watchlist, but will not engage in editing. Wikipedians will typically return to their regular contributing activity once their faith in the wikicommunity has been restored or their existential wikistress has been resolved.

The frustrated template[edit]

{{User frustrated}} produces:

The personal issues template[edit]

{{Personal issues}} produces:


A semi-wikibreak is a Wikibreak taken by Wikipedians who are not fully on a wikibreak but are not fully editing. There are many possible reasons for a semi-wikibreak, such as:

  • busy at work or school
  • going on vacation
  • new puppy isn't housebroken yet
  • toilet got backed up
  • slow internet connection
  • family members needing more attention
  • kids need affection/cereal/ride to sports practice (Note: order may vary)
  • Super Bowl
  • AL/NL Pennant Race
  • Stanley Cup Finals
  • chase for the NASCAR Cup Series
  • March Madness
  • NBA Playoffs
  • FIFA World Cup
  • new xkcd strip
  • sharing computer with others
  • ran out of coffee/tea
  • reading paper-bound volumes (apparently called "books")
  • partying
  • computer is broken
  • tired of Wikipedia
  • sleeping
  • PSL
  • Indian Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • finding cheap gas
  • visiting at the library

{{Wikibreak|type=semi}} produces:


The retired template[edit]

We hope this never happens, but sometimes good things must come to an end. If you are retiring from Wikipedia you can use the {{retired}} template.

This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

{{Retired|EXAMPLE}} produces:

This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

The Semi-retired template[edit]

{{Semi-retired}} produces:

This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

The Almost retired template[edit]

{{Almost retired}} produces:

Wikibreak will soon be retired on Wikipedia.

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