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The account creator user group (accountcreator user group) grants access to a tool which permits trusted Wikipedia contributors to make a large number of accounts for other people who request them.

Account creators' abilities

Accounts in the account creator user group have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

Becoming an account creator

The account creator flag may be granted to users who are active and experienced in the request an account process (ACC) and so are identified to the Wikimedia Foundation. Users are expected to correctly handle many requests and have hit the six (6) account rate limit more than once before requesting the flag, which may be done at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Account creator.

The right is included in the Administrator toolset. To grant the flag, administrators should follow the instructions at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Account creator/Administrator instructions.

Other information

The account creator permission is provided to editors active in the ACC process. Users with the account creator right are allowed to use any of the technical abilities included with this user right at their own discretion. The English Wikipedia has 10 users who explicitly have the account creator flag enabled.

This right was previously granted to individuals involved with off-wiki outreach events to help them create accounts for participants. In May 2018, a new user group, event coordinator, was created, which allows individuals to not be affected by the rate limit on creating accounts without the other abilities granted to account creator. Editors who previously would have been eligible for account creator should instead request the eventcoordinator user group.


  1. ^ This limit can sometimes be temporarily lowered further, due to persistent abuse
  2. ^ This action is not recommended and should never be used except in extremely rare edge cases and after approval by an ACC tool administrator or an administrator who is both highly familiar and very proficient with the account creation process, the title blacklist, and how both of them function and operate. If an account is created with a username that matches an entry in the title blacklist (even if you overrode the title blacklist on the new account creation page when creating it), the account will be unable to create any pages within their own userspace due to how the title blacklist functions. The account will also experience many other related issues and problems on Wikipedia due to their username being flagged as a match to an entry in the title blacklist. If you are creating an account and are seeking approval to override the title blacklist because it is erroneously flagging the requested username as something that is not permitted, you should seek to have the entry in the title blacklist modified in order to fix the false positive hit instead of overriding the title blacklist and proceeding with the creation.

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