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WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers is a WikiProject dedicated to building comprehensive and detailed articles for actors and filmmakers. Working on providing a greater focus on people in the film industry, the project is an integral part of both WikiProject Biography and WikiProject Film.


WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers covers biographical material of individuals involved in the process of making motion pictures, including people in the film industry such as actors, directors, crew, and others who may be listed in the motion picture credits of a film. However per Wikipedia:WikiProject Film#Scope, articles in this project should not include the {{WikiProject Film}} banner, as that project does not include articles about actors, directors and filmmakers. Future tagging of bio articles relevant to specific task forces may become a future extension. WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers also does not cover individuals by reason of their participation in episodic programs, such as those covered by WikiProject Television.

  • To standardize Wikipedia articles on film actors, film directors, film producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, film editors, and score composers.
  • To improve Wikipedia coverage of film biographical material by adding, expanding and improving film biographical related articles
  • To serve as a central point of discussion of issues related to Wikipedia film character articles, including those that may be under scrutiny
  • To maintain standards for articles about people in world cinema, as well as for categories, templates, and other Wikipedia items that may support those articles
  • To encourage and provide a structure for enhancing the writing of high quality articles on all manner of different people involved in cinema.
  • To ensure that every article biography related to film uses Template:Infobox person and an image if possible.


FA Featured articles[edit]

The following film-related biographies are classified as Featured articles, representing the best of Wikipedia. They were not necessarily all improved to featured status by this WikiProject.

FL Featured lists[edit]

The following film personality-related lists are classified as featured lists, those representing the best of Wikipedia. They were not necessarily improved to featured status by this WikiProject.

GA Good articles[edit]

The following are recognized as good articles.

On-going projects/to do lists[edit]

Article alerts are available, updated by AAlertBot. More information...

A comprehensive list of Actresses who require Wikipedia biographies is available from the Women in Red wikiproject .

  • Find free-use images for articles in Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of actors and filmmakers
  • Add infoboxes to articles in Category:Actors and filmmakers work group articles needing infoboxes
  • Complete filmography tables listed at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers#Filmography tables and others as they are noticed.
  • Remove deprecated fields from infoboxes; these include lists of awards, notable roles, height, resting place and co-ordinates, children and in the case of some deceased subjects, the "silver" background default field.
  • Remove awards succession boxes from articles.
  • Exclude from the lead sentence phrases that bolster a person's status beyond basic descriptions that designate the person's occupation. Examples include phrases that inflate standing such as being an award winner, award nominee, one of the greatest actors/filmmakers ever, or other such highlights. Such phrases can and should be used later in the lead section in better context, such as summarizing the kinds of awards won or the kind of polls that rank a person's greatness in the film industry. Lead sentences should only include name, birth/death dates, occupation and nationality. Example: "William McChord Hurt (born March 20, 1950) is an American actor."
  • Remove unreliable source: filmreference.com from 3,141 pages. The site is currently BLOCKED. You cannot ADD citations. These citations are prior to BLOCK. The site copies iMdb and Wikipedia.

Project style recommendations[edit]

Filmography tables[edit]

Some filmographies are presented in a tabled format; however, you should make sure there is an obvious benefit to table format before creating a table for a filmography (e.g. a relatively short listing of credits for newer actors are better presented in list form, not table form). The following examples reflect current best practice. They allow for sortability and accessibility for the vision impaired. Titles should have accompanying |data-sort-value="..." elements where appropriate. All names should be referred to as credited, or by common name supported by a reliable source. The notes field should not be allowed to get overly cluttered. Do not add future projects until filming has begun as verified by a reliable source. Use of rowspan formatting in "Year" columns (ex. #2) is acceptable, but rowspan formatting should not be used in other columns.

Please note: "Year" columns should be listed first and "Title" columns should be listed second.

Please note: When using separate film and television performances tables (ex. #1), television films belong in the television table.

Example #1[edit]

Film performances
Year Title Role Notes
1982 Poltergeist Carol Anne Freeling
1986 Poltergeist II: The Other Side Carol Anne Freeling
1988 Poltergeist III Carol Anne Freeling Released posthumously; dedicated to her memory
Television performances
Year Title Role Notes
1981 Fantasy Island Liz Blake (age 5) Episode: "Elizabeth's Baby / The Artist and the Lady"
1982–1983 Happy Days Heather Pfister Recurring role
1982 Massarati and the Brain Skye Henry Television film
1983 CHiPs Lindsey Episode: "Fun House"
1983 Matt Houston Sunny Kimball Episode: "The Woman in White"
1983 Webster Melanie 3 episodes
1984 Finder of Lost Loves Jillian Marsh Episode: "Yesterday's Child"
1985 Surviving: A Family in Crisis Sarah Brogan Television film
1986 Around the Bend The daughter Television film
1986–1987 The New Leave It to Beaver Heather Episodes: "Material Girl", "Bad Poetry"
1987 Our House Dana Episode: "A Point of View"
1987 Rocky Road Russian girl Episode: "Moscow on the Boardwalk"

Example #2[edit]

Year Title Director Writer Producer Notes Ref.
1987 My Best Friend's Birthday Yes Yes Yes
  • Short film
  • Also editor
1994 Natural Born Killers No Story No [18]
Pulp Fiction Yes Yes No [19]
1995 Four Rooms Partial Partial Yes
  • Segment: Penthouse – "The Man from Hollywood"
  • Also executive producer
1996 From Dusk Till Dawn No Yes Yes Executive producer [21]
1997 Jackie Brown Yes Yes No [22]
2003 Kill Bill: Volume 1 Yes Yes No [23]
2004 Kill Bill: Volume 2 Yes Yes No [24]
2005 Sin City Partial No No
  • Special guest director
  • Directed the conversation between Dwight McCarthy and the corpse of Jackie-Boy in The Big Fat Kill
2007 Grindhouse: Death Proof Yes Yes Yes Also cinematographer [26]
Grindhouse: Planet Terror No No Yes [27]
Acting roles
Year Title Role Notes Ref.
1987 My Best Friend's Birthday Clarence Poole [39]
1992 Eddie Presley Asylum attendant Cameo [18]
Reservoir Dogs Mr. Brown [40]
1994 The Coriolis Effect Panhandle Slim Short film; voice cameo [41]
Pulp Fiction Jimmie Dimmick [18]
Sleep with Me Sid Cameo [43]
Somebody to Love Bartender Cameo [42]
1995 Dance Me to the End of Love Groom Short film [29]
1996 From Dusk till Dawn Richie Gecko [29]
Girl 6 Director #1 – NY Cameo [46]
1997 Jackie Brown Answering machine voice Voice cameo [18]
2000 Little Nicky Deacon Cameo [18]
2003 Kill Bill: Volume 1 Crazy 88 member Cameo
2005 The Muppets' Wizard of Oz Himself Television film; cameo [47]

Example #3[edit]

List of film performances
Year Title Role Notes Ref.
1998 Dil Se Preeti Nair [25][26]
1998 Soldier Preeti Singh Winner, Filmfare Best Female Debut Award (also for Dil Se) [27]
1998 Premante Idera Shailu
1999 Raja Kumarudu Rani
1999 Sangharsh CBI officer Reet Oberoi [30]
1999 Dillagi Rani Guest appearance [31]
2000 Kya Kehna Priya Bakshi Nomination, Filmfare Best Actress Award [32]
2000 Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega Jahnvi [33]
2000 Mission Kashmir Sufiya Parvez [34]
The year of the film's release date. If the work is a television program, this field also allows for a span of years (ex. 1997–1998 (see MOS:DATERANGE)).
The title of the work. Always use "Title" as opposed to "Film" or "Series", as the differing works in this field may include items that vary in their medium. Because many titles begin with indefinite and definite articles (a, an, or the), it is recommended that you specify a sort key for these cells using the |data-sort-value="..." attribute (see Help:Sortable tables § Specifying a sort key for a cell for more details); this will allow these titles to be sorted properly, by bypassing the a, an, or the.
The role played by your given subject. It is to be written exactly as it is presented in the credits of the work.
This field is to include optional, additional information such as medium, episode titles, alternate titles, or awards (when there is no separate "Awards" section in the given article), as well as sourcing if there is not already a separate column for citations. This field is to be rendered "unsortable", as it will contain a variety of information that is not likely to be usefully sortable. Do not list the number of episodes if the role is a starring or major recurring role unless it is sourced. If the role does not cover the entire run of a television program, list the seasons involved instead.
This is an optional field for sourcing that can be used when a work is obscure or difficult to confirm.

Succession boxes[edit]

Succession boxes where the succession box relates to the subject's work or notability as an actor are deprecated; see this discussion, which is summarized here. Non-performing succession boxes should be discussed at the appropriate project page.

Filmography navbox templates[edit]

Per extensive determinations of consensus as summarized here, navbox templates containing filmographies are not supported by this project. Such templates should be nominated for deletion as unusable. Note that filmography navbox templates for work by film directors are not covered by this consensus. Per WP:FILMNAV filmographies should only be included in navboxes if the individual concerned could be considered a primary creator of the material in question.

Razzie Award templates[edit]

Per consensus as summarized here, templates for recipients of Razzie Awards will not be used on articles under the provenance of this project.


  • Resources provides a guide to finding information for sourcing articles, whether through online/print sources or members' personal libraries.


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  25. Shir-El too 22:18, 24 December 2007 (UTC). I grew up in Hollywood.[reply]
  26. Bollywood Dreamz Talk 17:31, 28 December 2007 - Work primarily on Bollywood related articles.
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  87. GamingWithStatoke (talk · contribs) - Mostly addition of Filmography tables
  88. Thepoodlechef (talk) 17:47, 1 March 2013 (UTC) - I'm obsessed with Hollywood and intertwining connections and secrets. :)[reply]
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  108. 4TheWynne (talk · contribs) I edit the articles of actors targeted for a film, however every once in a blue moon I look at other actors as well.
  109. "A day without laughter is a day wasted" -Charlie Chaplin (talk) 21:40, 5 July 2015 (UTC)[reply]
  110. Hithcer vs. Candyman - I enjoy expanding stub articles of either actors, actresses or members of a film crew
  111. Satya Durga Reddy
  112. Twofingered Typist - Actors film/or stage plus I edit articles listed as requiring copy edit and GOCE requests
  113. Krimsonquinn - interested in expanding current articles on television and film actors, creating new articles on new actors.
  114. Silent sovereign (bespeak) 19:46, 12 March 2016 (UTC) -Focused on actresses and women filmmakers from around the world.[reply]
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  120. QueerFilmNerd (talk) Open to anything, but mainly focus on popular actors or actors I follow.
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  122. User:TheOneWorkingAccount - Open to anything, but prefer actors known to me (Bollywood/Hollywood)
  123. User:Trillfendi - making actors' articles as accurate as possible with sources!
  124. User:Utilizer - Interested in silent-film history, women in film, film noir, independent cinema, world cinema.
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  155. jayreborn (talk · contribs) Like to contribute about actors and filmmakers who has notability but dont have wiki pages.
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  164. Sharonthomasr (talk · contribs) Wildlife and nature documentaries and film directors, especially interested in writing about female filmmakers
  165. Pblu8425 (talk · contribs) Theatre Student
  166. TheRealSerenaJoy (talk · contribs) behind-the-filming / production work / people and crews who bring the films to life
  167. Deanlaw (talk · contribs) focus on silent era actors, filmography checks when updating film articles; commons files
  168. Thirukannan (talk · contribs) Focus on biographies of film personalities from WiR
  169. TanookiKoopa (talk · contribs)
  170. Peddaboinapradeep (talk · contribs) 16:37:12, 26 September 2022 (UTC)  Focus on biographies of film personalities[reply]
  171. Blazin777 (talk · contribs) Indian Actors and films
  172. Midnight Citian (talk · contribs)
  173. Citadeol (talk · contribs) Mostly edit and create articles about Indian television and film Actors, Actresses, Films and personalities.
  174. ChaitanyaJo (talk · contribs) Indian films.
  175. Cinematic Poetry (talk · contribs) Avant-garde, experimental, art films mainly.
  176. Malimaan (talk · contribs) mostly actors and actresses I'm hyperfixating on atm Malimaan (talk) 18:28, 25 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]



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In order to tag an article as belonging to this project, please use following syntax:

{{WikiProject Biography
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| birth_place  =
| death_date   = <!-- {{Death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} Death date then birth -->
| death_place  =
| other_names  =
| occupation   = Actor
| years_active = 
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| website      = <!-- {{URL|www.example.com}} -->

Please see {{infobox person}} for information of parameters of the infobox.


For information on our stub templates see Wikipedia:WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers/Templates and categories



This project is an effort to improve the articles on Screenwriters and Screenwriting at Wikipedia and to create a portal to encompass the totality of that knowledge.

Current collaborations[edit]


  1. Develop a format for writing the career of a screenwriter.
  2. Create a Screenwriters portal


  • Featured articles on screenwriters: Aaron Sorkin
  • Good articles on screenwriters:


Film editors[edit]


Editors and infoboxes in film articles[edit]

The infobox is often the only place in a film article where the editor is noted, but many infoboxes do not include the editor(s). If you are working on an editor's article, please check the corresponding film articles to see if the editor has been listed. This work may be more important than adding the filmography to the editor's article!

If the editor is missing, the infobox may also be missing the editing = line. In this case you'll need to add this line to the infobox. You'll also need to place a "pipe" symbol | at the beginning (| editing =) or end of the line. Once the editing = line is present, enter the name of the editor using the format editing = [[editor's name]], presuming that including a wikilink is appropriate. Multiple editors are entered using the format editing = [[editor 1 name]]<br />[[editor 2 name]].

Generallly, supervising and additional editors should not be listed in the infobox; the current rules for Oscar nominations for editors exclude them, and there is no consensus regarding the significance of these credits. Occasionally it is appropriate to list these other editors, in which case the editor's listing should be tagged (add) or (sup). Thus John Bloom was the supervising editor for Under Fire (1983), but shared in the nomination for the BAFTA Award for Best Editing.

Film editing: directors and editors[edit]

In editing articles about film editors, it's important to acknowledge that the editing of a particular film is usually a collaboration between the director and the editor. For this reason, it is reasonable to indicate the director for each film in an editor's filmography. IMDb doesn't naturally do this, which could make Wikipedia's filmographies for film editors more useful than imdb's. Longstanding, particularly notable collaborations of editors and directors can be added to the List of film director and editor collaborations.

Related WikiProjects[edit]