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Gregor I, Sovereign Cazique of the Principality of Poyais

Gregor I (1786–1845) was the first Cazique of the Principality of Poyais in Central America, Inca of New Granada, and founder of the Order of the Green Cross. Descended from both the ancient Kings of Scotland and indigenous South American royalty, Gregor served with distinction in the "Die-Hards" of the British Army's 57th Foot during the Peninsular War, then rendered honourable service to New Granada, Venezuela and Florida as a general during their wars of independence from Spain. Becoming Cazique of Poyais in 1820, he returned to his native Britain to offer the country's benefits to British investors and settlers, and arranged transport for about 250 emigrants, mostly his fellow Scots. Fewer than 50 ever returned from Poyais to Britain. He then attempted to attract French colonists, but was frustrated when the French government stopped them from leaving. Gregor died a hero; at his funeral, the President of Venezuela marched behind his coffin. Many have tried to emulate the policies he initiated as leader of Poyais, but few have come close to matching his success. (Full article...)

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John Cena
John Cena

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EgyptAir Airbus A320-200 involved in hijack
EgyptAir Airbus A320-200 involved in hijack

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April 1: April Fools' Day; Assyrian New Year; Edible Book Day

Assembled Apple Computer "do-it-yourself" kit
Assembled Apple Computer "do-it-yourself" kit

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A group of baseball players have played in the major leagues despite not having made a name for themselves. The media has lacked enough information to assist the players in this regard; one player, Stoddard, had more than 30 possible names to choose from. Possible mistakes in box scores from the 19th century could have also led to this phenomenon. Regardless, some players in the group received attention in the press. In his lone major league appearance for the Philadelphia Athletics, pitcher Sterling's opponents "took kindly to [his] curves". Fellow pitcher O'Rourke received praise in the local media for one 1872 appearance, in which he allowed 15 runs to score against the Troy Trojans. Lewis was less successful in his lone major league game, as he was left a "much disgusted ball tosser". Washington Nationals third baseman Larkin played 17 games without making a name of himself. Four such players appeared in one game in 1890. (Full list...)

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Joseph Ducreux

A circa 1783 self-portrait of the French painter Joseph Ducreux (1735–1802) in the middle of a large yawn. Ducreux attempted to break free from the constraints of traditional portraiture in his depictions of subjects; another self-portrait, painted some ten years later, depicts him pointing at the viewer and laughing.

Painting: Joseph Ducreux

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