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Overview of the school and its surroundings

  • ... that Norwegians built Gibraltar's first school (pictured) in the 1860s?
  • ... that Shitterton has been voted to be worse than Scratchy Bottom or Brokenwind?
  • ... that Siemens is in Püssi?
  • ... that the Aetherius Society believes that their sacred 1,375-foot (419 m) Brown Willy is full of holy energy?
  • ... that Elvis' greatest shit was dropped in 1982?
  • ... that students at Washington College celebrate May Day by running naked around the flag pole on the campus green?
  • ... that Mugeary, which is 25 miles from Glenelg in Scotland, is the namesake of a rock found millions of miles away but just a few hundred feet from Glenelg?
  • ... that James Bond played briefly in the National Football League after completing his military service?
  • ... that sheep enjoy snacking on Pecorino?
  • In the news

  • Soyuz TMA-08M (mission patch pictured) transports three astronauts to the International Space Station via a new route, reducing the journey's duration from two days to six hours.
  • Madagascar experiences its worst locust infestation since the 1950s.
  • Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal rules that foreign domestic workers are not allowed to become Hong Kong permanent residents.
  • Rebels capture Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, as President François Bozizé flees the country.
  • The World Baseball Classic concludes with the Dominican Republic defeating Puerto Rico in the final.

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    April 1: April Fools' Day; Assyrian New Year; National Day in Iran (1979); Edible Book Day

    3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos

  • 1833Mexican Texans met at San Felipe de Austin to combat evil.
  • 1871 – The 3rd Duke of Buckingham (pictured) opened a new train line but used horses instead.
  • 1933Wally was found in Eden Park having run 336 times, more than anyone else in recorded history at the time.
  • 1969 – The British-born model Hawker Siddeley Harrier was introduced at a Royal Air Force event, becoming the only one in the 1960s to successfully perform on a short runway.
  • 1999 – Under the terms of two laws passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1993, the Northwest Territories carved all of their inhabitants into two pieces.

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    A photograph of a smiling man with grey hair wearing a black suit with a pink dress shirt and a red tie

    The Foot in Mouth Award is given annually to those who test the bounds of modern English through their language. Although the award was first given in 1993, special acknowledgement had been given in 1991 to a Quayle with a big tent; most recipients have also highlighted as baby-kissers or ball-chasers. Rhodri Morgan (pictured) said his 1998 award "made [his] name", and has gone on to make no change for another award. A silver stone received the nod for finding light in the deepness, while a brown shadow was recognised for contributions to economics. Other recipients have literally been given the award for Campbell's Pasta, knowing, reading signs, and being inexperienced yet experienced, a fire-friendly mitt, or a giraffe called a snake. In 2008 a special life-time achievement award was given to a talking bush for "services to gobbledygook", including succinct odes to hope and belief. (Full list...)

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    Map of a flat earth

    A map of the Earth drawn by Professor Orlando Ferguson in 1893. Ferguson identified numerous errors in the then-prevailing globe theory of the Earth. By careful examination of 400 pieces of evidence, some of which are cited in the margins alongside the errors, Ferguson realized that the Earth is square and stationary, as illustrated in the map.

    Restoration: Fallschirmjäger

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