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Did you know ... that the Russian airstrike on Kyiv TV Tower killed Yevhenii Sakun, one of at least 14 civilian journalists killed in the line of duty during the Russo-Ukrainian War? On the main page on 17 April 2022
Did you know ... that Fane Lozman took Riviera Beach to the US Supreme Court once in 2013 for seizing his floating home and again in 2018 for arresting him, and won both times? On the main page on 11 May 2022
Did you know ... that The Onion said in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that "the federal judiciary is staffed entirely by total Latin dorks"? On the main page on 16 October 2022
Did you know ... that "the Hurricane Shark is real"? On the main page on 20 October 2022
Did you know ... that Liz Truss's rise to power went from "astonishing" to "explosive" a day before she resigned as prime minister? On the main page on 1 November 2022
Did you know ... that to optimize Atkinson Hyperlegible for visually impaired people, its designers intentionally broke the rule that a typeface should be uniform? On the main page on 22 November 2022
Did you know ... that of up to 300 bullets fired in the Ash Street shootout between U.S. Army Rangers and alleged drug dealers, none were reported to have hit anyone? On the main page on 28 January 2023
Did you know ... that no law establishes whether a sitting U.S. president can be prosecuted? On the main page on 17 May 2023
Did you know ... that Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for speeding in his horse carriage when he was a general? On the main page on 24 May 2023
Did you know ... that Julian Gough wrote in Minecraft's End Poem that "you are love", and then released the poem into the public domain after a psilocybin trip prompted him to heed that message? On the main page on 28 June 2023
Did you know ... that U.S. Marines eat crayons? On the main page on 29 October 2023
Did you know ... that sessions of This War of Mine: The Board Game can last over five hours and often end in the deaths of all characters? On the main page on 16 November 2023
Did you know ... that NYPD officers stabbed and stomped on Barney the Dinosaur to cheers from a massive crowd? On the main page on 3 December 2023
Did you know ... that a pornographic screenplay about Jesus led to papal and royal condemnations, a firebombing, the writer's ban from the UK, and thousands of letters per week demanding the ban of a non-existent gay Jesus film? On the main page on 24 January 2024
Did you know ... that color-changing cats could help us communicate with the future? On the main page on 1 April 2024
This user helped get Three Studies of Lucian Freud listed on the "In the News" section of the main page on 15 November 2013.
This user helped "Advisory Neighborhood Commission district 7F08" become a good article on 17 March 2024.
This user helped "Sarah Ashton-Cirillo" become a good article on 13 January 2022.
This user helped "Mira Bellwether" become a good article on 24 January 2024.
This user helped "Cover-up tattoo" become a good article on 29 March 2024.
This user helped "Driving in Madagascar" become a good article on 20 February 2023.
This user helped "1967 Lake Erie skydiving disaster" become a good article on 18 April 2024.
This user helped "Fucking Trans Women" become a good article on 28 December 2022.
This user helped "Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach (2018)" become a good article on 11 November 2022.
This user helped "The Many Faces of Jesus" become a good article on 20 January 2024.
This user helped "Mi Shebeirach" become a good article on 19 April 2023.
This user helped "Mike Tyson's tattoos" become a good article on 17 May 2023.
This user helped "When a man argues against two beautiful ladies like this, they are going to have the last word" become a good article on 22 March 2024.
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Because love's such an old-fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves

Queen and David Bowie, "Under Pressure"

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tok-3jan ni li sona pona e toki pona.

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i used to be a very active administrator here. eventually i got disillusioned by the way we treat one another in the shitty backrooms where meta-level decisions are made. (that's a "we", not a "they"; i was absolutely part of the problem.) i'm still around to work on writing articles—which is, you know, what wikipedia is actually for—as well as some amount of navigational and technical work. my only engagement in "projectspace" discussions is when it directly relates to those. please take no offense if i do not respond to messages or pings in other contexts.

if you find yourself spending more time talking about the people who write wikipedia than being one of those people, remember that you can fix that today:

may your memory forever be for a blessing, O Comrade Vami_IV (1999–2024). you gave this community so much and you deserved so much better than what it gave you—and you still kept giving, nevertheless.

Things I've written[edit]


This user finished in 21st place in the 2023 WikiCup.
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Essay Shortcut(s) Summary
User:Tamzin/Adverse possession unblock Sometimes people sock so constructively that we decide not to block them.
Wikipedia:Content that could reasonably be challenged Explaining a phrase used in the GA and DYK criteria.
Wikipedia:Don't edit-war with vandals or sockpuppets WP:NOROLLBACK, WP:STOPIT Just because it's 3RR-exempt doesn't mean it isn't disruptive.
Wikipedia:Editors' pronouns WP:EDPRONOUNS Try to get people's pronouns right.
User:Tamzin/Guidance for editors with mental illnesses Don't let Wikipedia hurt you, don't hurt other Wikipedians, and don't hurt Wikipedia.
Wikipedia:Hate is disruptive WP:HATEDISRUPT, WP:HID Promoting hatred is a form of disruptive editing.
User:Tamzin/Lot's wife Advice for sox.
User:Tamzin/Plurality and multiplicity FAQ How plurality and multiplicity (dissociative identity disorder, etc.) interact with Wikipedia.
Wikipedia:Salting is usually a bad idea WP:NOSALT, WP:DONTSALT Salting deleted titles often makes it harder to find sockpuppets.
User:Tamzin/Sockblocks, deceit, and ambiguous loss Sometimes it really hurts when someone is deceptive on Wikipedia.
User:Tamzin/Soft clean start Something I did that maybe others might want to do too.
User:Tamzin/SPI is expensive Advice for sock-hunters.
Wikipedia:There's a reason you don't know WP:OPAQUE, WP:NEEDTOKNOW When information is kept private, it's often for good reason.
Wikipedia:When sources are wrong WP:WSAW Several strategies for handling source error.
User:Tamzin/Wikipedia is a lambskin condom It's the little things that will kill you.
Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a video game[co 9][co 15] WP:NOTVIDEOGAME, WP:NOTGAME So don't treat it like one.


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  10. ^ Coäuthors are only noted on projects with a small number of contributors.
  11. ^ Not in use on Wikimedia yet.


Several things that make editing easier[edit]

The pipe trick exists and I feel like a lot of people don't know about that because it doesn't show up in diffs. (Update: This has since been confirmed by multiple functionaries telling me they hadn't heard of it till they read this.)

I use Twinkle, RedWarn, and popups for a whole bunch of useful things. The first two's relevance depends on your editing style, but I think popups is indispensable to any editor. At XfDs I use XFDCloser.

// General
// [[m:MoreMenu]]: Whole bunch of useful buttons
mw.loader.using(['mediawiki.util', 'mediawiki.api'], function () {
// [[WP:JWB]]

// Mainspace-oriented
// [[User:Dr pda/prosesize.js]]: Get a page's prose wordcount
importScript('User:Dr pda/prosesize.js');
// [[User:Andy M. Wang/pageswap]]: Swap pages' histories
importScript('User:Andy M. Wang/pageswap.js');
// [[User:Wugapodes/Capricorn]]: Redirect categorization
// [[User:Novem Linguae/Scripts/CiteHighlighter]]: Highlight source quality
importScript('User:Novem Linguae/Scripts/CiteHighlighter.js');
 // [[User:Trappist the monk/HarvErrors.js]]
importScript('User:Trappist the monk/HarvErrors.js');
importScript( 'User:Qwertyytrewqqwerty/DisamAssist.js' ); // Backlink: [[User:Qwertyytrewqqwerty/DisamAssist.js]]

// Anti-abuse
// [[Wikipedia:Redwarn]]: Mostly counter-vandalism-oriented
mw.loader.load( '/w/index.php?title=User:RedWarn/.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' );
// Mark locked accounts
// All the IP information you want, in one place
importScript('User:GeneralNotability/ip-ext-info.js ');
// Rollback summaries and more (requires `rollback`)
// [[User:Tamzin/scripts/massRollbackWithBotMode.js]]: Mass rollback (requires `rollback` and `markbotedits`)
//Mass revdel (admin-only)
importScript( 'User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/massRevdel.js' );
// [[User:Mr. Stradivarius/gadgets/SpamUserPage.js]] (admin-only)
importScript('User:Mr. Stradivarius/gadgets/SpamUserPage.js');

// Other-namespace-oriented
// [[User:PleaseStand/userinfo.js]]: Information when you view a userpage
// [[User:Evad37/OneClickArchiver]]: Archive discussion-page content

// Specific venues
importScript('User:SD0001/RFUD-helper.js'); // [[User:SD0001/RFUD-helper.js]]
// [[WP:SPI]]
/* [[User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/cuStaleness.js]] & [[User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/sockStaleness.js]]:
   See whether accounts/IPs are likely stale for CU; see who created them */
importScript('User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/cuStaleness.js'); // I wrote part of this one!
importScript('User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/sockStaleness.js');
// [[WP:SPIHELPER]]: If you're not a clerk/CU/patrolling admin, you don't need this
importScript('User:GeneralNotability/spihelper.js'); // And a much smaller part of this one
maxUsersCUStaleness = 100;
lazyCheckCUStaleness = false;
// [[User:RoySmith/tag-check.js]]: Ditto
// [[WP:EFFP]]
// [[User:Suffusion of Yellow/effp-helper.js]]: Proxy edits caught in the filter
importScript( 'User:Suffusion of Yellow/effp-helper.js' );
// [[User:Suffusion of Yellow/batchtest-plus.js]]: Test new filters against old hits
importScript( 'User:Suffusion of Yellow/batchtest-plus.js' );
window.batchTestPlusMaxConcurrentRequests = 5;

// Wikidata
// [[User:Yair rand/WikidataInfo.js]]: Information about a page's Wikidata item
mw.loader.load("// rand/WikidataInfo.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript");
Here's how I've messed with my CSS. If you do template work, I strongly recommend the bit that sets all the -show classes to visible.
/* Look here! Tutorial on how to see all of the `-show` classes. */
@import url('//');

@import url('//');

/* From [[User:theleekycauldron/common.css]] */
.mw-body-content {color:#147000}
.mw-body-content {color:#5c9e4c}
.mw-body-content a.extiw {color:#a6a825;} /* interwiki links */
.mw-body-content a.extiw:visited {color:#b3960b;}
.mw-body-content a.external {color: #b0048b}
.mw-body-content a.external:visited {color: #6e0152}

/* Correct name */
#toc-mw-content-text > a > div {
	display: none;
#toc-mw-content-text > a::after {
	display: inline;
	content: "(Lede)";

/* bad eyesight + frequent editing in "night light mode" hours + fairly
reflective laptop screen + often editing in direct sunlight = I often can't
discern link color*/
.mw-parser-output a:not([class*="user-blocked-"]) {
	text-decoration: underline dashed 1px;
.mw-parser-output .reference a, .mw-parser-output .toc a, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a {
	text-decoration: none !important;
.mw-parser-output .reference a:hover, .mw-parser-output .toc a:hover, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a:hover,
.mw-parser-output .reference a:focus, .mw-parser-output .toc a:focus, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a:focus {
	text-decoration: underline !important;
/* watchlists are stressful. scanning contribs for revs that aren't"current" is
more pleasant. this is more pleasant still. */
.mw-contributions-current {
	background-color: Aquamarine;
/* still needs troubleshooting */
/*.toc {
	float: left;
	clear: right;
	margin: 0.5em 1.5em 0.5em 0;
/* All those capital letters make me feel like I'm being yelled at.  Wish I
could say I were joking, but I'm not. */
.mw-anonuserlink {
	text-transform: lowercase;
.watchlist-message {
	background-color: pink;
/* Flag deprecated HTML */
tt, center, dir, font, menu, xmp { 
	text-decoration: underline red solid;
strike {
	text-decoration: line-through red;
/* Distinguish del/ins from strikethrough and underline */
del {
    border: 1px red dashed;
ins {
    border: 1px green dashed;
.selfreference {
	background-color: pink;
/* I like seeing things */
	display: table !important;
/* from [[:Category:CS1 maint: url-status]] */
.mw-parser-output span.cs1-maint {display: inline;} /* display Citation Style 1 maintenance messages */
.mw-parser-output span.cs1-hidden-error {display: inline;} /* display hidden Citation Style 1 error messages */
.harv-error {display: inline !important;} /* display Module:Footnotes errors */
/* from [[Template:Short description/doc]] */
.shortdescription {
  display:block !important;
  white-space: pre-wrap;
/* Number entries in history and on special pages.  Forked from */
.ns--1 #content ul,
#content #pagehistory {list-style: decimal}
.page-Special_Page {list-style-image: url(bullet.gif)}

/* BETA: [[MOS:LISTGAP]] / [[WP:*:]] violation highlighter.

DISCLAIMER: MW markup and HTML are infinitely complex, and there are valid use
cases for all of these, especially `ol + ol`. Correct flagged markup at your
peril. */

/* List gaps */
.mw-parser-output dl + dl, .mw-parser-output ul + ul, .mw-parser-output ol + ol {
	border-top: 1em solid pink;
	border-top: 1em solid rgba(255,192,203,0.5);
/* The common mistake of
* Foo
:* Bar / :: Bar
(At any level of nesting) */
.mw-parser-output ul + dl > dd > ul, .mw-parser-output ul + dl > dd > dl {
	border-left: 1em solid pink;
	border-left: 1em solid rgba(255,192,203,0.5);

Three controversial opinions about Wikipedia[edit]

  1. WP:NODISCLAIMERS has outlived its usefulness. As a major provider of information to a global audience, we should hold ourselves to disclaimer standards similar to those of major media organizations.
  2. We should not allow BLPs about people who do not unambiguously meet GNG, as established by references that are actually in their articles. Any BLP subject who has not been the subject of long-term coverage in reliable sources as an adult should be able to have their article deleted on request.
  3. It's spelled "lede".

One lie I've told[edit]

I don't actually need a cetacean. I live quite close to a beach that dolphins routinely swim by. I have all the cetaceans I could ever need.

Three dolphins dive in the midground on the left, swimming toward the right of the frame. In the background on the right, a fairly large vehicle ferry sails toward the left of the frame. In the foreground, a beach of brown sand with some black rock outcroppings toward the waterline.
Cetaceans acquired