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Sawmill Fire (2017)


I pledge to...

  • ...prioritize the quality of our content over the quantity of our content.
  • ...be civil, because of the harm others' incivility has caused me, and the harm my incivility has caused others.
    • ...but not to mince words.
  • ...stay silent, and generally not speak unless spoken to.

Goals and projects

considering Serengeti National Park to GA+


In-progress reviews

Thank you

to my off-wiki confederates, who have fed references to me or helped with translations.

  1. Mamelsberg
  2. HrcAK47
  3. TacError
  4. The volunteer fan translators of the Hololive community


  1. SuperHamster: "I'm proposing a new adage: the longer a response is proportional to the original post, the more ridiculous that response will be. If the response to an 80 word message is 500 words it ain't gonna be good."
  2. Johnbod: "5 refs on a line is almost always a sure sign of trouble."
  3. Tamzin: "The breadth of an SNG is directly proportional to the relevant topic's prevalence as a special interest among autistic people."
  4. Abraham van Hellsing, Dracula: "We learn from failure, not from success!"
    1. Simón Bolívar: "The art of victory is learned in defeat."
  5. Plato, quoting(?) Socrates, "I know that I know nothing."
  6. Krisgabwoosh: "I edit by the philosophy that there's no reason to create an article that isn't a good article. I don't believe in stubs or adding new entries that will never be expanded upon. Perhaps this limits my output or my article creation count, etc., but I don't mind. It means that every article I contribute to the encyclopedia merits being included."


  1. User:JPxG/All essays by size
  2. User:Tony1/How to improve your writing
  3. User:Antandrus/observations on Wikipedia behavior
  4. Wikipedia:Writing about women
  5. User:Giano/A fool's guide to writing a featured article
  6. User:Ihcoyc/The problem of anti-supernatural bias
  7. User:SandyGeorgia/Achieving excellence through featured content

Women in Red

Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/The World Contest/Missing articles/Latin America and the Caribbean

My copypastas

for GAN

===Preamble from Vami===
Hello, and thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. My name is Vami, and I will be your reviewer. During this review I may make small edits such as spelling corrections, but I will only suggest substantive content changes in comments here. For responding to my comments, please use {{Done}}, {{Fixed}}, {{Added}}, {{Not Done}}, {{Doing}}, or {{Removed}}, followed by any comment you'd like to make. As my comments are addressed or rebutted, I will cross them out, and only my comments.<p>My goal as your reviewer is to assess the quality of your work and offer suggestions for its improvement; I want to help you write a truly good article. To this end, I intend to be collaborative and work with a collegial attitude. If I have demonstrated incompetence or caused offense, [[User talk:Vami_IV|please let me know]]. ~~~~

GA box
Good Article review progress box
Criteria: 1a. prose () 1b. MoS () 2a. ref layout () 2b. cites WP:RS () 2c. no WP:OR () 2d. no WP:CV ()
3a. broadness () 3b. focus () 4. neutral () 5. stable () 6a. free or tagged images () 6b. pics relevant ()
Note: this represents where the article stands relative to the Good Article criteria. Criteria marked are unassessed

for FAC

Source reviewing and spot-checking

;Spotcheck Rationale for method used Format: * All good. * Ditto * Does not support... [quotation] (for single-use citation) * Errors detected, noted below. All other instances good. (for citations used multiple times) * Complete fabrication.

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