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List of Great British Trees, Tree of the Year (United Kingdom), European Tree of the Year, Great Trees of London, User:No Swan So Fine/futureness, water towers in Finland on Commons, The 100 Greatest TV Ads

Potential future FAs[edit]

Military History

Richard Mohun, Angus Paton, Route Trident (need to update), Luis Daoíz y Torres, Francis Gleeson (priest), Battle of Burton Bridge (1322) (expand), Battle of Burton Bridge (1643) (expand), Battle of El Herri (expand), Grand Quartier Général (1914–1919) (provide more context), Gaston Cros (expand), Robert Clark (businessman) (broaden sources), Governor's Body Guard of Light Horse, Seventh German Inner Africa Research Expedition, Action at Sihayo's Kraal, Declaration of martial law in Russell County, Alabama, Land mines in the Falkland Islands, MS Europic Ferry, Sir Hereward Wake, 13th Baronet (expand on WWI roles), White flags over Port Stanley; Zungeni Mountain skirmish; Johannes Wilhelm Colenbrander; Sihayo kaXongo


Winter of 1946–47 in the United Kingdom, John Thomas North, Abir Congo Company, Inland Customs Line (need to broaden sources), Alienation (speech), A Question of Europe, Isambard Kingdom Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern, Harry Daley (book purchase required); William Harrison Anderson; Coldbath Fields riot


List of presidents of the Institution of Civil Engineers; List of British colours lost in battle; List of generals of the British Empire who died during the First World War; List of French generals who died during the First World War; List of Royal Navy flag officers who died during the First World War; 2019 renaming of South African National Defence Force reserve units;

Potential future GAs[edit]

Military history

Grand Quartier Général (1939–1940), William Glanville, Arthur Hartley (expand), Robert Wynne-Edwards, Jonathan Davidson (check for new sources), Basil Cave (expand), Battle of Rossignol, Army Printing and Stationery Service, British ambulances in the Franco-Prussian War, Franco-Irish Ambulance Brigade, Joe Bertony (expand), Natal Native Pioneer Corps, Ivan Borkovský, Prague Castle skeleton, County Fermanagh War Memorial, Marie-Louise (conscript), Samuel Bacon, Helmut Machemer; Howard Bane; Danum shield; First World War glass–rubber exchange; Friedrich Salomon Hall; Division slice; Secret Treaty of Vienna; Robert Fletcher (East India Company officer); Light Vessel 72; General Order No. 1 (Gulf War); MS Nordic Ferry; HMS Junella; Guy Gibson Campbell; Death of Frederick John White; Rejoice (Margaret Thatcher); Medal inflation; Western Front demarcation stones; Ansgar the Staller; Operations against the Marri and Khetran tribes;Kronstadt–Toulon naval visits; June 6, 1944, order of the day; People of Western Europe speech; 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot (expand from book); Donat Henchy O'Brien; Corps of Invalids (Great Britain); John Hunter Littler; Michael White (British Army officer); Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve; Guards of Honour (France); Pliofilm; François Henri Mouton; Caleb Grafton Roberts; Cedric Naylor; Reginald St John Battersby; USS Pima County; Dorothy Christian Hare; Ita Ekpenyon; Duhamel plan; Khrulev plan; Uganda Volunteer Reserve; Charles Bertie Prowse; Albert shako; John Woollett; Military reserve forces of Saint Helena; Keith Foulger; First shot memorial; George McCubbin; Victor Jaques; Leslie Innes Jacques; Hivernage; John Ford Elkington; Frederick Marten Hale; Guard Force (Rhodesia); Natalis Constant Darche; Richard John Andrews; Fort Raim; Monument to the King's Liverpool Regiment; Dalmat (yacht); Edward M. Kirby; Colonial Defence Committee; Royal Navy cutlasses; Edward Hull (knight); German victory parade in Paris (1871); Zungwini Mountain skirmishes, Barney McMahon, Brian McMahon (New Zealand Army officer), Frank Goadby, Raid on Kronstadt, East African Mounted Rifles; John Hemsley; Cloghan Castle (County Cork); Charles de Tricornot de Rose; Andriy Kovalchuk; Richard Thomas Glyn; Canton Coolie Corps; François Léon Jouinot-Gambetta; SS Franz Fischer; Declaration of Sainte-Adresse; Bernard Pitt; Arthur Leslie Walter Newth; Bir Hakeim rescue; Martin Wemyss; Kléber Dupuy; Capture of Wejh; Robert Palmer (British writer); 9 January 1917 German Crown Council meeting; Morgan's Christmas Raid; Supreme War Command; Lone gunner of Flesquières; HMS Stephen Furness; Leonard Parrington; Hard Rock (exercise)


Alfred Pippard (expand), Charles Douglas Fox (expand), Royal Commission on the Inns of Court, Yarmouth suspension bridge, Joseph Anthony Dwyer, Schools Action Union, Christ Mocked, Walter Bersey, Bersey electric cab, Revels (Inns of Court); 1989–90 British ambulance strike; 1942 Betteshanger miners' strike (look for more sources); Potato production in Algeria (expand sources); Sinai Park House; Moritz Hall; Berry Boswell Brooks; William Harvey Brown; Jane Stanley (died 1803); United Kingdom–India bus routes; Île Sans Nom (expand from French wiki); Statue of Lenin at Finland Station; London garrotting panics; Nottingham cheese riot; Tolzey Court; James Nathan Calloway; Beef Bones Regulations 1997; Wellington clock tower; Volkswagen currywurst; Swanage Town Hall; Leicester balloon riot; Huer's Hut; John Thomas Baldwin; Florence Boot; 1831 Bristol riots; 1831 reform riots; Blackcurrant production in the United States; 1920 blind march; Blind Persons Act 1920; TV pickup; Herbert Edwin Bradley; 1766 food riots; Kitty Hunter; Iceberg A-38; Boom Hall; Paris pneumatic post; Bruges speech; George Smith (civil servant); Hyde Park pet cemetery; Veiled Vestal; Great Michigan Pizza Funeral; Sèvres Egyptian Service; Statue of Sir Nigel Gresley; Claude-Laurent Bourgeois de Jessaint; Koegas mine; Chronographer; Margate Jetty; Iceberg A-74 (update once situation develops); Death and state funeral of George VI; Commissions of sewers; Saint-Bélec slab (find modern academic source?); Blickling Park mausoleum; Tony Colston-Hayter; Africa House; Prescott punch; Britain Awake; Kid Canfield; Gang of 25; Carham Hall; James Bridge Copper Works; Ripon Spa Baths; Ben Purse; Sam Longson; Embassy of the United Kingdom, Kabul; Bourton-on-the-Water model village; Dame Paulet's Almshouses; Cambus O' May bridge; Punch Bowl Inn, Lancashire (update after investigation concludes); James Rorke; Horace Harral; Max Vernon (police officer); Robert Traill (Irish clergyman); Lead belt (wargaming); Grand Jubilee of 1814; Fernhill House; Bourbaki Panorama; David Whitaker (publisher); Horned helmet of Henry VIII; A Journey Around My Room; John Boyden; 1993 reviews of the British honours system; Lamprey pie; Robert Campbell (colonist); 1861 Maryland gubernatorial election; Desmond Young (British Army officer); William Hunter Dammond; Stanton Catlin; Harold A. Littledale; Jonathan Reynolds (writer); Zoe Progl; Symbol of Sacrifice; Prince of Wales riots; Dorthe Emilie Røssell, Windsor Street Gasworks, Sarah Pike Conger, Bronco Charlie Miller, Youlgrave Waterworks, Chicago Radio, Peter Corby, Rockwood & Company shipping department fire, Rorke's Drift (video game), Leutard of Vertus, Robert Williams (architect), Dove Bridge, Shaw Farm, Windsor (book purchase), John Giffard (police officer), Watts and Betchart murder case; Willmer House; Grimethorpe Hall; Sir Frank Price; Regent Cinema, Deal; Elephant of Henry III; 1914 Kenwood House ball; Taters Chatham; 1916 Berlin strike; French law of 29 December 1915; Lichfield Angel; SS Torrington; Durham police mast; Ye Olde White Harte; Food Act 1984; Loddon Bridge disaster; Sailors and Soldiers (Gifts for Land Settlement) Act 1916; Lundie Kirk; Tonan Maru No. 3; Dotation; New Beehive Inn; Phil Fletcher; James Kirkham Ramsbottom; Virginia Quay Settlers Monument; Highfield Cocoa and Coffee House; Servants' Characters Act 1792; Henri Hekking; Charles Norris-Newman

Potential future B-class MILHIST articles[edit]

HHS Glasgow (check for new sources), HMS Thrush (1889) (check for new sources), Operation Boris (check for new sources), Operation Finery (check for new sources), Plan Giralda (check for new sources), Henry Cronin (check for new sources), Baciro Dabó (update), Maurice Le Glay, René de Segonzac, Garland trench mortar, December 2013 Kinshasa attacks (update), William Henry White; Hywel Sele; Sir David Lindsay, 4th Baronet; French ship Euryale (1863); Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve; François Henri Mouton; Duhamel plan; Garland grenade;

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