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Hi, my name is Cas Liber and I was the Banksia Study Group leader in the Australian Plants Society (aka Wildflower Society/SGAP) until 2016. I live in Sydney and have a head full of trivia. I have been an admin here for a while, since March 2007 after being nominated by Spawn Man. I have nominated or co-nominated eight other editors—Sabine's Sunbird, Cbl62, Graham Beards, Franamax, Ucucha, StringTheory11, Vanamonde93 and Z1720—to adminship. I was successful in the 2008 elections for the arbitration committee, however resigned in October 2009 after keeping quiet when I should have spoken up. Long story that. Maybe over a few beers sometime. In any case, resigning was made easier with the knowledge I was leaving a good crew in charge. I changed my mind and decided to run again in 2010, and was successful again, which led to a two year term on the arbitration committee until December 2012. Thought about rerunning, but ultimately didn't as (again) was content that there'd be the basis of a good crew around and I could focus on content and some other ideas, such as the Core Contest (which I coordinated for seven runs—twice in 2012, once each in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and assisted Femkemilene in 2021), the Stub Contest (in December 2013, September 2014 and August 2015) and Take the lead! (January 2016 and November 2021). I think we're at a bit of a crossroads now.

I can vouch for the identity of the following editors I have met IRL, including Asaf Bartov, Ta bu shi da yu, Anonymous Dissident, Witty lama, Angela, Tony1, Werdna, Enochlau, Alastair Haines (who I have known for 25 years), Ausrussell, Euryalus, Wugapodes, Barkeep49, Callanecc, Tamsin, Wikiwookie, Nick-D, Noetica, Wm, One Salient Oversight, BenAveling, Jimbo, Privatemusings, Tim Starling, Andjam, Hesperian, Gnangarra, JarrahTree, Moondyne, Cygnis insignis, iridescent, Roger Davies, Carcharoth, Cool Hand Luke, Jimfbleak. 99of9, Chuq, Lankiveil, Kaldari, Gamaliel, Whiteghost.ink, Poyt448 and John Vandenberg as well as chatting to The_undertow, Orderinchaos, Durova and FT2 on the phone.

- I figure every bit helps.

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Featured Articles I've contributed to

I have found working with a bunch of like minded folks on an article or wikiproject when it kicks into top gear one of the most inspiring things, the rapid-fire editing of an article gunning toward FA as writer's blocks are sequentially blasted out of the way is just amazing to witness via the diffs/hists. I am a bit of a slob — all my work on FAs has been the result of collaborations with two or more really good copyeditors and folk who are much more perfectionist than I am. Thanks guys.

On reviewing articles, the whole system works if we all review around three articles for every one we nominate. I appreciate thorough reviews (no, really) so don't be shy to nitpick extensively. We're all here to make the best articles possible.

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