President of the Regional Government of Galicia

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President of the Regional Government of Galicia
Presidente da Xunta de Galicia
Coat of arms of Galicia
Alfonso Rueda
since 13 May 2022
StyleExcelentísimo Señor
ResidenceMonte Pío
NominatorParliament of Galicia
AppointerThe Monarch
countersigned by the Prime Minister
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderXerardo Fernández Albor
FormationGalician Statute of Autonomy
6 April 1981

The president of the Regional Government of Galicia[1] (Galician: Presidente da Xunta de Galicia, Spanish: Presidente de la Xunta de Galicia), is the head of government of Galicia. The president leads the executive branch of the regional government.

The current office is established under the Galician Statute of Autonomy. It is occupied by Alfonso Rueda.

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