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This page provides a collection of awards created by individual Wikipedians. Some of them originated from here, and some of them are copied and collected from various users' pages.

These awards are in addition to barnstars. While barnstars are generally reserved for a long-standing pattern of excellence, the following awards are more often given to honor specific actions or events - or to spread good cheer!

Each award picture will come with a few lines of explanation about who should get this award.

General awards[edit]

Topic-related awards[edit]

Special circumstantial awards[edit]

WikiProject Kindness Campaign and Dispute Resolution[edit]

Peace doves[edit]

The Peace Doves are a peace offering, or truce, that you offer to someone whom you've had an argument with recently. An apology or note equipped with one of the Peace Dove images presented on a user talk page can easily make someone's day, resolve disputes, and quickly dissipate harsh feelings.

Image What to type Description
Peace Dove
Peace Dove
{{subst:Peace dove 2|message ~~~~}} Peace Dove

The Peace Dove is a peace offering to other users. Introduced by Borisblue. (Part of the Kindness Campaign.)

Another Peace Dove
Another Peace Dove
{{subst:Peace dove|message ~~~~}} Another Peace Dove

Another version of the Peace Dove, also logo of Kindness Campaign

Olive Branch of Peace
Olive Branch of Peace
{{subst:Olive Branch|message ~~~~}} Olive Branch of Peace

The Olive Branch of Peace may also be given as a sign that a user wants to reconcile a long-standing difference.

A nice cup of tea and a sit down
A nice cup of tea and a sit down
{{subst:Nice cup of tea|message ~~~~}} A nice cup of tea and a sit down

A nice cup of tea and a sit down is a place to publicly declare what it is that you like about other members of the community, or their contributions. The goal is to create goodwill, and perhaps assist the dispute resolution processes that occurs on other pages, or if we're lucky avoid disputes at all. Introduced by Borofkin

Spreading kindness[edit]

These other images can also be useful for spreading kindness, recognizing those who do so, and comforting those who need it. You don't need to be told how and when to use them. This is not a bureaucracy.

Image What to type Description
{{subst:ThePurpleStar|message ~~~~}} The Purple Star given to Wikipedians who have been hurt by others, for example by having their user pages vandalized, being mistakenly blocked (for too long, or affected by range blocks), being personally attacked, etc.
{{subst:The Mediation Award|message ~~~~}} The Mediation Award, awarded to Cabalists, Mediators and Arbitrators who do an excellent job on a specific job, or just a great job in general. Created by Sango123
{{subst:The Third Opinion Award|message ~~~~}} The Third Opinion Award, awarded to Third Opinion Wikipedians who do an excellent job on a specific job, or just a great job in general.
{{subst:The Wikignome Award|message ~~~~}} The WikiGnome award
For your small (but still useful!) wikignome edits without clamoring for attention, the WikiGnome award is hereby awarded. -- Jreferee 01:34, 21 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]
{{subst:The Angel Heart Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Angel Heart Barnstar
{{subst:The Good Heart Barnstar|message ~~~~}} The Good Heart Barnstar given to Wikipedians who clearly demonstrate a good heart, showing kindness and courage, making their fellow Wikipedians feel good about themselves even if they disagree.
{{subst:The Dive Right In Award}} The Dive Right In Award for newcomers who have jumped right into administrative tasks, especially (but not only) if they are generally doing a good job but may be struggling a bit. No optional message; your signature will automatically be added in the appropriate place.

Bot and bot operator awards[edit]

Bot Operator's Barnstar
Coders need love too.
Citation Bot Operator's Barnstar
Coders need love too.
Anti-vandalism Bot Operator's Barnstar
Coders need love too.

Actual User Awards[edit]



The WikiThanks may be awarded as a way to say thank you to other Wikipedians.

This award was introduced by MattTM on September 9, 2004. The original image was created by Anthere.

Suggested syntax: {{subst:WikiThanks|thankyou message}} or [[File:WikiThanks.png|43px|left|WikiThanks]] You should drop it on a user's talk page, per the below message:

Note : When I introduced the picture, it was meant to be a THANK YOU note. I do *not* support the barnstar system. I started putting it on meta, on Raul talk page first as a simple thank you. It is meant to be little, to be gentle, to be hardly visible at all, not to be displayed in user page. Those who use it as a barnstar have made me great wrongness, because this little thank you note was precisely meant to be different of the barnstar system, all splattered on user page. If you appreciate what I do for Wikipedia, please DO NOT KEEP this on your user page, but leave it simply as a little thank you flower on your talk page and let it fall in your archives. This is simply what it was meant to be. This image is under GFDL, so, yes, you can do whatever you want with it, but if you want to be nice and stick to its original spirit, please do NOT use it as a barnstar. It pains me. Anthere 06:11, 20 October 2005 (UTC)[reply]

The Builder, Cool, Veneration of Virtue Award[edit]

Image What to type Description
{{subst:Builder Award|text ~~~~}} The Builder Award
No community can grow without a certain amount of political infrastructure: policies, procedures, processes. Casual readers never see it; editors generally hate it; but it supports all we do. Like all major construction, it requires broad vision, attention to detail, and hard work.

Building this infrastructure is distinct from routine maintenance of it; the latter is recognized by the WikiMedal for Janitorial Services.

Introduced 14:48, 11 October 2006 (UTC) by John Reid.

{{subst:User:Mr. Bouncy/CoolAward|reason=(add reason)}} The Cool Award
The Cool Award is intended for those who are cool in everything they do. It is for those who seem to do everything right on Wikipedia, and go beyond that to show excellence and be respected in every aspect. This award was introduced by Mr. Bouncy on December 30, 2006.
{{subst:The Veneration of Virtue|recipient's username|~~~~}} The Veneration of Virtue Award
The Veneration of Virtue is awarded to Wikipedians who must – like V – work anonymously against the forces of ignorance to preserve our intellectual traditions. This award was introduced by Scartol on 11 November, 2007.
The Editing Reward
Editing The Editing Reward (better known as The "Happy Editing" Reward) is awarded to any well-trained Wikipedian or Administrator.
Some Wikipedian has earned a Cernen's Plusbox for doing something witty, brilliant, or otherwise noticable, and if Cernen sees it, will award a plusbox, but this award is otherwise inherently worthless.

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