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The following is a list of user scripts, programs, and bots used in the regular maintenance and updating of DYK. These scripts and bots assist with creating, reviewing, and moving DYK nominations, as well as updating the Main Page and other important tasks.

Scripts and programs[edit]



Prep and queue work[edit]


DYK currently updates once every 24 hours.


Bot Maintainer Interval Task BRfA
AAlertBot 1 day Updates WikiProject article alerts with lists of open DYK nominations 1st
DeadbeefBot 0xDeadbeef 1 day Merges {{DYK talk}} with {{Article history}} on article talk pages 2nd
DYKHousekeepingBot Shubinator 30 minutes Updates DYK hook count 2nd
1 day Notifies nominators when their nomination is not transcluded to Template talk:Did you know or Template talk:Did you know/Approved 3rd
DYKToolsBot RoySmith 1 hour? Classifies DYK nominations, for example as biographies 1st
DYKUpdateBot Shubinator DYK Updates Template:Did you know, which transcludes to the Main Page. Logs errors at User:DYKUpdateBot/Errors 1st
Distributes {{UpdatedDYK}} credits to nominators and creators
Adds {{DYK talk}} to article talk pages
Archives sets to Wikipedia:Recent additions
FACBot Hawkeye7 12 hours Merges {{DYK talk}} with {{Article history}} on article talk pages 6th
GalliumBot theleekycauldron 3 hours darn: Logs modifications of promoted hooks on nomination talk pages 1st
1 day vandyke: Maintains Wikipedia:Did you know/Statistics and notifies nominators when their hooks "score" above a certain threshold 2nd
1 hour proctor: Maintains Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of DYK promotions 3rd
JL-Bot JLaTondre 1 week Updates WikiProjects with lists of articles that have appeared at DYK 5th
KrinkleBot 10 minutes Protects DYK images hosted at Commons before they reach the Main Page 2nd
MajavahBot Taavi One-time run? Fills in missing DYK hooks on article talk tags 4th
MilHistBot Hawkeye7 1 day Updates Template:WPMILHIST Announcements with open MILHIST DYK nominations 1st
MusikBot MusikAnimal 1 day Adds new date headers at Template talk:Did you know 6th
SDZeroBot SD0001 When a DYK is nominated Updates list of users by most DYK nominations None
WugBot Wugapodes 2 hours Moves approved nominations from Template talk:Did you know to Template talk:Did you know/Approved 2nd
1 day Transcludes DYK nominations on article talk 3rd


Bot Maintainer Interval Task Final edit BRfA
DYKBot Nixeagle DYK Companion for DYKadminBot, but did not maintain Template:Did you know 2008-12-31 1st
DYKadminBot Nixeagle DYK Predecessor to DYKUpdateBot 2010-02-15 1st
DYKReviewBot Intelligentsium Inconsistent Reviewed new DYK nominations on a fixed subset of the criteria 2016-10-30 1st
DYKToolsAdminBot RoySmith N/A Companion for DYKToolsBot Not started N/A
EnterpriseyBot Enterprisey 1 day Notified an editor if an article they had created/expanded was nominated for DYK by someone else 2022-02-22 2nd
GimmeBot Gimmetrow Inconsistent Predecessor to FACBot's DYK task 2013-01-31 1st
WikiStatsBOT ThaddeusB 30 minutes Updated DYK hook count 2010-10-14 1st