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iPad 2009–10 Premier League Assassination of Sokratis Giolias 2006 Côte d'Ivoire toxic waste dump Love Parade stampede Francisco Varallo 2010 Bratislava shootings Bauchi prison break Air France Flight 4590 John Barry (composer) Godhra train burning Seiji Maehara Euthanasia in India 2011 Yunnan earthquake Saudi Troops in Bahrain Raymond Allen Davis incident Warren Christopher Knut (polar bear) 2011 Six Nations Championship José Socrates 2011 anti-cuts protest in London 2011 Cricket World Cup knockout stage Baruch Samuel Blumberg French ban on face covering 2011 Syrian protests Tri gate transistors Skype Acquisition by Microsoft Garret FitzGerald Maltese divorce referendum, 2011 2011 French Open (Womens) Turkish general election, 2011 Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway Singapore-Kunming Railway

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