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Welcome to my userpage.

My background is in sciences. I also have abiding interest in political economy and computing.

On Wikipedia, I tend to work in diverse areas. I participate in many background tasks such as patrolling username policy violations, deletion discussions and new pages reviewing. You may find me regularly closing requested move discussions, relisting some and implementing non-controversial technical move requests at technical move requests board.

I regularly participate in In the news discussions and occasionally help in answering questions and helping editors and new users on Help Desk, Teahouse among others.

When not here, I write code for MediaWiki.

I previously did Internship with Wikimedia where I worked on synching data between Wikidata and Wikipedias.

I can be reached on my talk page or via user email feature.

My article work

I have started some few articles and improved even more. I rarely write new article these days, because I believe English Wikipedia needs more cleanup work for its subpar articles than it needs new ones. Below are some of the ones I started.

A more complete list can be seen here which includes my to-do list.

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