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Instructions for initialising page if the bot has failed to

The daily current events "blank" boxes are now generated daily by an efficient bot, so the instructions below this only apply if the bot has been disabled.

If you reached this page via the current date box's "edit" link, check whether the portal box has already been initiated, and already contains the following (parsed) wiki code (use copy/paste from the code below, if necessary, to correct any syntax errors):

{{Current events|year={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|month={{subst:CURRENTMONTH}}|day={{subst:CURRENTDAY}}|content=
<!-- All news items below this line -->
<!-- All news items above this line -->}}

Then save the page, before adding any news items. This will help insure the new day displays according to the current events portal design.

Note that the above items: CURRENTYEAR, CURRENTMONTH, and CURRENTDAY, all will display as positive integers once the page is saved.
For example, the code to generate March 27, 2009 (Friday) in the box should appear as
{{Current events|year=2009|month=3|day=27|content=...

Before posting, please make sure you are familiar with posting policies and guidelines

  • Please log news events as complete sentences, in the present tense, with links to reliable sources (stories without links will be removed).
  • Each news item should be posted under an appropriate heading, such as: Armed conflicts and attacks, Arts and culture, Business and economy, Disasters and accidents, Health and environment, International relations, Law and crime, Politics and elections, Science and technology, Sports.
  • If a news item is part of a larger event, list it under a subheader consisting of a link to the larger event. Don't create subheaders linking to general topics or lists.
  • Stories added to the main portal page should be of international interest. Stories of only regional or topical interest belong in their appropriate sub-pages, if any.
  • Do not list the ordinary deaths of prominent persons here. That's what recent deaths is for. Exceptions to this rule are made for prominent persons who died in office (such as Pope John Paul II and Omar Bongo) or other instances where the death in itself has a major impact.
  • Wikipedia policies concerning biographies of living persons (BLP) should be followed, including WP:BLPNAME and WP:BLPCRIME.
  • Stories should be added under the date in which they occurred in local time. Most news sources indicate the day of the week in which an event occurred.
  • English language news stories are preferred, though foreign language sources can be used if English-language coverage is unavailable.
  • For each item, please update the most relevant linked article if it is appropriate.
  • Please avoid links to subscription-only sites such as AOL or WSJ (except in the unlikely event that a story is covered substantially better there than anywhere else).
  • If conflicts begin between editors, please start a discussion here.

How to edit

Click on the small "edit" link in the top right corner of the box that you want to edit. Only administrators are allowed to edit the actual page.

Example news item

'''Politics and elections'''
*[[2018 Georgian presidential election]]
**[[Georgia (country)|Georgia]]n citizens vote in the last presidential election to be decided by [[direct election]]. [https://www.rferl.org/a/last-direct-presidential-election-in-georgia-may-set-a-caucasus-first-/29567315.html (RFE/RL)]

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