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The WikiProject on current events is primarily intended to deal with matters related to Portal:Current events. If you would like to help, please add your name below. The project encourages the selection of normal, civilized events for the current events page, since most events are not crimes or tragic events.


This project was established on 6 April 2006 to improve and standardize articles pertaining to current events. This project specifically looks at the Portal:Current events page and works to increase content in the articles on the page. The project also looks at the portal's entries to determine if they deserve to be in Portal:Current events or placed elsewhere, such as 2023 in the United States, 2023 in the United Kingdom, etc. The project also teaches new editors how to edit (add) to the portal and how to improve articles listed on the portal.

The project works with articles on the Portal:Current events during the week (7 days) they are present in the portal. (Basically before they are archived.) The project doesn't class articles like normal WikiProjects, as we work with articles for a short amount of time.

Technical Note: Due to the fact the the WikiProject only works with articles for a short period of time, the WikiProject "supersedes" (Not really, but mainly in discussions) over WikiProjects during the time where the Current Event WikiProject is active in the article.

The WikiProject of Current Events has a "Current Event Protection" that can be placed on current event articles for a few hours. This is similar to how the Current Event template works for articles, but it protects the article from a deletion due to notability (e.g., lack of deaths, lack of RS, lack of information, etc.) until some more information is released to the public. The protection also allows the WikiProject to monitor information add to the article closely. Please note: This is not an official page protection. This is a WikiProject request to not PROD/speedy delete/Afd the article for 2-3 hours.

Article alerts[edit]

Good article nominees

  • 15 May 20242024 pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses (talk · edit · hist) GA nominated by CommunityNotesContributor (t · c) was closed

The top picture in the Current events portal, "topics in the news", has remained on the same picture of a politician for over a week, due to his minor suspension, is there a reason for this? Why are we bringing attention to his picture? I saw that Walkiria Terradurra, an antifacist italian woman who fought the Nazi's during WW2 died recently,I know the news is supposed to cover only deaths that have a big impact on current affair, however, I would prefer to see her everyday then political adds. Thank You.


Invitation to the project[edit]

Everyone is Welcome. If you would like to join, just add your name and time of joining to the Participates list above.

Current discussions[edit]

How this section works?[edit]

As problems on the Portal:Current events can happen easily, this section is available to discuss topics instead of debates with edit summaries. This section is also available for discussions about articles the WikiProject is involved in.

Discussion for Barilaro v Shanks-Markovina[edit]

I've added this blurb ( earlier:

Google has been ordered to pay AUD 715,000 to former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro because its YouTube division while acting as a publisher “facilitated, published and kept up” videos by Shanks-Markovina. (ABC News Australia) (The Guardian Australia)

Alsoriano97 has reverted this, believing that this is a trivial, regional matter not realizing that it has been a reversal to the general consensus that user-generated sites are not liable for users' actions. I've chosen ABC Australia and the Australian bureau as these provided the most in-depth story, but it was also reported by international media like Al Jazeera (, CNBC ( and Washington Post (paywalled: Even the CNBC summary said

The ruling revives the question of how much culpability technology firms have for defamation conveyed by users on their websites in Australia, one of few Western nations where online platforms have the same legal responsibility as publishers.

Which has been a hot potato for user-generated platforms like YouTube, Twitter or even Wikipedia. - 2001:4453:561:CE00:64C3:E863:BA65:C7B (talk) 12:29, 6 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]

List of articles the Project is working on[edit]

NOTE: This list is incomplete and always changing. You can help by adding new articles that are relevant in the news.

Recently Added Articles[edit]

Work In Progress: Will be a section for the WikiProject members to quickly see new articles that the project oversees.

Current Event Articles (Non-COVID-19)[edit]

This is a list of articles the Current Event WikiProject is active in, however, this list is not related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Related Articles[edit]

See: Wikipedia:WikiProject Current events/COVID-19 related articles.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is a on-going pandemic, the Current Event WikiProject considers all articles related to the pandemic to be "Current Events".

Task forces[edit]

Any editor is welcome to create a task force for any current event. The task force can be a way to get more editors from the WikiProject invested in a specific event. To create a task force start a project page as “Wikipedia:WikiProject Current events/(Insert task force name)”. Since the WikiProject only covers current events, most task forces will be closed once the event is no longer a current event.

List of active task forces[edit]

Currently, the WikiProject of Current Events is operating one active task force.

List of inactive or closed task forces[edit]

This is a list of WikiProject task forces that are either inactive or closed. Any editor is welcome to reopen/revive task forces on this list. Currently, the WikiProject of Current Events has two inactive or closed task forces.

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