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Gregor MacGregor

Gregor MacGregor (1786–1845) was, by his own proclamation, the first Cazique of the Principality of Poyais in Central America, Inca of New Granada, and founder of the Order of the Green Cross. Claiming descent from both the ancient Kings of Scotland and indigenous South American royalty, MacGregor served with distinction in the "Die-Hards" of the British Army's 57th Foot during the Peninsular War, then rendered honourable service to New Granada, Venezuela and Florida as a general during their wars of independence from Spain. Becoming Cazique of Poyais in 1820, he returned to his native Britain to offer the country's benefits to British investors and settlers and arranged transport for about 250 emigrants, mostly his fellow Scots. He then attempted to attract French colonists, but was frustrated when the French government stopped them from leaving. MacGregor was hailed as a hero; at his funeral, the President of Venezuela marched behind his coffin. Many have tried to emulate the policies he initiated as leader of Poyais, but few have come close to matching his success. (Full article...)

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