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1835 – The members of the original Quorum of the Twelve of the Latter Day Saint movement were selected by the Three Witnesses. refimprove
1876 – Inventor Alexander Graham Bell and electrical engineer Elisha Gray each filed a patent for the telephone, starting a controversy about who invented it first. original research
1879 – Chilean forces occupied the Bolivian port of Antofagasta, instigating the War of the Pacific. featured on March 23
1912Arizona became the 48th and last of the contiguous United States to be admitted. refimprove section
1929St. Valentine's Day Massacre: Seven people, six of them gangster rivals of Al Capone's gang, were murdered in Chicago. multiple issues
1949Asbestos miners around Asbestos, Quebec, Canada, began a labour strike that is considered one of the causes of the Quiet Revolution. needs more footnotes
1949 – The Knesset, the legislature of Israel, convened for the first time, succeeding the Assembly of Representatives that had functioned as the Jewish community's parliament during the British Mandate Era. refimprove section
1970 - The Who performed at the University Refectory, University of Leeds, later released as Live at Leeds and cited as one of the best rock live albums of all time. refimprove section
1989 – The first of at least twenty-four medium Earth orbit satellites in the satellite constellation of the Global Positioning System was launched. refimprove sections, duplication
2005 – Former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri was assassinated when explosives were detonated as his motorcade drove past a hotel in Beirut, sparking the Cedar Revolution. Hariri: refimprove; Assassination: unreferenced section; Revolution: refimprove section
2011Arab Spring: The Bahraini uprising began with youth-organized protests on the Day of Rage. Uncited section, orange "single source only" banner
Singu Min |d|1782| Deathdate not cited.
James Bond |d|1989| Deathdate not cited.



February 14: Valentine's Day; Ash Wednesday (Western Christianity, 2024)

Part of the Pale Blue Dot photograph
Part of the Pale Blue Dot photograph
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