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Article Date Image views vph DYK hook
Henry Street salamander tunnels 2024-06-17 28,432 1,184.6 ... how salamanders cross the road (pictured)?
Daxinzhuang 2024-06-17 14,406 600.2 ... that Drake discovered an ancient Chinese city?
Frederick Seguier Drake 13,835 576.5
Total 28,241 1,176.7
Amen break 2024-06-19 27,316 1,138.2 ... that the Amen break (pictured) gained popularity because it offered an easy way to create jungle music?
ZX Spectrum 2024-06-12 25,802 1,075.1 ... that the ZX Spectrum (pictured) is one of the best-selling British computers of all time?
Bianca Babb 2024-06-12 22,642 943.4 ... that Bianca Babb, a pioneer girl captured by Comanches, described her time among them as "every day seemed to be a holiday", despite the hardships of her initial capture?
Yunxian Man 2024-06-01 22,502 937.6 ... that the skulls of Yunxian Man (example pictured) are "relatively complete" despite being heavily crushed?
Npm left-pad incident 2024-06-08 19,669 819.5 ... that in 2016, the removal of a few lines of code briefly "broke the Internet"?
Southern chivalry 2024-06-14 19,628 817.8 ... that American abolitionists co-opted the concept of Southern chivalry (caricature pictured) as an insult against pro-slavery white Southerners?
Gravity Blanket 2024-06-19 19,144 797.7 ... that the Gravity Blanket was funded by a crowdfunding campaign which raised more than $4.7 million, despite asking for only $21,500?
Battle of Dollar 2024-06-20 19,076 794.9 ... that the Picts disappeared from the historical record after the devastation suffered following the Battle of Dollar?
Albert Tangora 2024-06-04 18,906 787.8 ... that Albert Tangora (pictured), one of the most successful competitive typewriter speed typists, once had his hands insured for US$100,000?
Aujourd'hui 2024-06-04 18,785 782.7 ... that the managing editor of Aujourd'hui was executed by firing squad in 1944?
St. Anne's Church, Moxi 2024-06-11 18,636 776.5 ... that two European missionaries stationed in a Catholic church (pictured) were beheaded by Chinese Red Army soldiers led by Mao Zedong in 1935?
Let's Talk About It (book) 2024-06-13 18,464 769.3 ... that a graphic novel for teens was among the 10 most challenged books in the United States in 2023?
Victory Salute (statue) 2024-06-20 17,901 745.9 ... that the sprinter Peter Norman requested that he be left off the Olympic Black Power Statue so that others could stand in his place?
Killing of David Ben Avraham 2024-06-01 16,772 698.8 ... that David Ben Avraham was granted Israeli residency after being killed by an IDF soldier?
Tobias and the Angel 2024-06-10 16,118 671.6 ... that depictions of Tobias and the Angel (example pictured), unusually for a religious subject, typically show Tobias's dog?
Arthur Fulton (sport shooter) 2024-06-14 16,113 671.4 ... that Arthur Fulton was a sniper in the First World War and described as "the most famous rifle shot the world has ever known"?
Radio Yerevan jokes 2024-06-15 15,876 661.5 ... that the Armenian Radio jokes are neither about radio nor are they Armenian?
Great Martyrdom of Edo 2024-06-20 15,040 626.6 ... that a Japanese samurai was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI, nearly 400 years after his execution during the Great Martyrdom of Edo?
George Webster (presenter) 2024-06-18 14,922 621.8 ... that the CBeebies presenter George Webster (pictured) has "effervescence, bubbly charm, a quick wit", and "an extra chromosome"?
Devizes Plot 2024-06-13 14,494 603.9 ... that if the Devizes Plot had been successful, 7,000 German prisoners of war would have escaped and attacked RAF Yatesbury?
Polis (board game) 2024-06-10 14,224 592.7 ... that the ancient Greek game polis is one of the world's oldest known strategy games?
Tori DellaPeruta 2024-06-13 8,126 338.6 ... that sisters Talia and Tori DellaPeruta (both pictured), college teammates at North Carolina, play soccer professionally for Sampdoria?
Talia DellaPeruta 6,067 252.8
Total 14,194 591.4
Zombie Plane 2024-06-17 13,982 582.6 ... that Zombie Plane "mercilessly mocks its main stars", according to The Hollywood Reporter?
Aurora Rodrigues 2024-06-03 13,503 562.6 ... that the Estado Novo deprived Aurora Rodrigues of sleep for more than two weeks to induce hallucinations?
Live into 85 2024-06-03 12,582 524.2 ... that the Hogmanay special Live into 85 was so shambolic it ended a 32-year tradition?
Franz Liszt 2024-06-11 12,290[a] 512.1 ... that Franz Liszt's female admirers would fight over his cigar stubs and coffee dregs as souvenirs?
55 Broad Street 2024-06-04 12,068 502.8 ... that 55 Broad Street, a skyscraper in the Financial District of Manhattan, was called "an unlovable building in an unlivable neighborhood"?
Nabisco Shredded Wheat Factory 2024-06-20 11,913 496.4 ... that the Nabisco Shredded Wheat Factory was used as a marketing tool, with an image of the factory (pictured) on every cereal packet it produced until 1960?
Henry T. Sloane House 2024-06-14 5,928 247.0 ... that the adjacent Jennings and Sloane Houses comprise New York City's largest single-family residence?
Oliver Gould Jennings House 5,442 226.8
Total 11,370 473.7
German Mission House 2024-06-09 11,368 473.7 ... that over the course of several decades, the missionaries of New Zealand's German Mission House failed to convert a single person?
Herschel the sea lion 2024-06-05 11,140 464.2 ... that Herschel the sea lion was defended by Greenpeace?
Great Genna Martyrdom 2024-06-09 11,104 462.7 ... that all 55 people killed during the Great Genna Martyrdom in 1622 were beatified by Pope Pius IX more than two hundred years later?
Tad's Steaks 2024-06-06 10,887 453.6 ... that Tad's Steaks offered "tasty food, low prices, service with a grunt"?
Pujol (restaurant) 2024-06-14 4,338 180.8 ... that Pujol and Quintonil are the highest-rated restaurants in Mexico's first Michelin guide, with two Michelin stars each?
Quintonil 3,532 147.2
List of Michelin starred restaurants in Mexico 2,953 123.0
Total 10,824 451.0
The Chalice of Courage 2024-06-16 7,028 292.9 ... that George Kunkel (pictured) portrayed a mountaineer in The Chalice of Courage (1915), the first film to depict assisted suicide?
George Kunkel (actor) 3,415 142.3
Total 10,444 435.1
The End of Everything (novel) 2024-06-19 10,414 433.9 ... that Megan Abbott receives the most negative letters from readers for The End of Everything?
Chinese characters 2024-06-15 10,357[b] 431.5 ... that according to legend, the invention of Chinese characters (examples pictured) caused grain to rain from the sky and ghosts and demons to wail in frustration?
The Great Mecca Feast 2024-06-06 10,321 430.0 ... that George Krugers was circumcised so he could pass as Muslim and film The Great Mecca Feast?
The Devil's Chord 2024-06-12 10,300 429.2 ... that the Doctor Who episode "The Devil's Chord" references the events of an episode that aired more than sixty years before?
Shiva (British band) 2024-06-04 10,300 429.1 ... that the success of the British band Shiva was cut short by the death of its lead vocalist?
Shagdarjavin Natsagdorj 2024-06-14 10,159 423.3 ... that Shagdarjavin Natsagdorj's remarks at an academic conference led to a communist purge and contributed to the Sino-Soviet split?
Mindar 2024-06-20 10,122 421.8 ... that a Buddhist android preacher regularly gives sermons on the Heart Sutra?
John Wilson (Arkansas politician) 2024-06-13 9,699 404.1 ... that John Wilson was expelled from the Arkansas House of Representatives for killing another representative in a knife fight, but was then re-elected two years later?
Antimonumento 5J 2024-06-05 9,670 402.9 ... that the Antimonumento 5J (pictured) was installed on 5 June 2023 to commemorate victims of police repression during the 2020 protests in response to the death of Giovanni López?
Friendly Father 2024-06-16 9,388 391.1 ... that the North Korean propaganda song "Friendly Father" went viral on TikTok, with some users comparing it to songs by ABBA?
Sikidy 2024-06-09 9,320 388.4 ... that people in Madagascar perform algebra on tree seeds in order to tell the future?
The Amazing Digital Circus 2024-06-19 9,270[c] 386.3 ... that The Amazing Digital Circus is influenced by the short story "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"?
Kortnei Johnson 2024-06-09 9,043 376.8 ... that Kortnei Johnson (pictured) became a seven-time state sprinting champion for the University Interscholastic League despite training on grass and cement?
Capitolium of Constantinople 2024-06-02 9,004 375.2 ... that the Capitolium of Constantinople, originally a pagan temple, was later topped by a cross?
Terror Train 2024-06-02 8,961 373.4 ... that when producer Daniel Grodnik proposed the idea for Terror Train to his wife, she thought that it sounded terrible?
Girl Friday (TV programme) 2024-06-13 8,779 365.8 ... that when actress Joanna Lumley spent nine days on an uninhabited island for the 1994 TV show Girl Friday, she made a pair of shoes out of her bra?
Kenneth Odumegwu 2024-06-12 8,720 363.3 ... that Kenneth Odumegwu had never appeared in an organized American football game prior to playing in the NFL?
Larmanjat guided rail system 2024-06-08 8,628 359.5 ... that the Larmanjat guided rail system was successfully demonstrated in England but failed completely when used commercially in Lisbon?
Albert Wesker 2024-06-01 8,494 353.9 ... that Albert Wesker's character design evokes the aesthetic of the Nazi ideal of the Übermensch, reflecting Resident Evil's "core" theme of eugenics?
The Star Beast (Doctor Who) 2024-06-10 8,484 353.5 ... that the Beep the Meep puppet created for "The Star Beast" took six people to operate?
Levi Drake Rodriguez 2024-06-10 8,200 341.6 ... that football player Levi Drake Rodriguez, considered small for his position, went on an "eat-as-much-as-humanly-possible diet" to be noticed by NFL teams?
Ola Labib 2024-06-12 8,171 340.5 ... that before becoming a comedian, Ola Labib was a pharmacist who had never been inside a pub before her first gig?
Rachel Brem 2024-06-12 8,163 340.1 ... that Rachel Brem discovered a tumor in her own breast while testing ultrasound equipment for her hospital?
Alexandru Talex 2024-06-15 8,002 333.4 ... that Alexandru Talex was described as "the gentlest" member of a Romanian far-right organization?
Jude McAtamney 2024-06-11 7,913 329.7 ... that Irish Gaelic footballer Jude McAtamney became interested in American football after reading a Twitter post in 2020, and became an NFL player in 2024?
Game board 2024-06-03 7,883 328.5 ... that scholars disagree on whether the earliest-known game boards (example pictured) date to the Neolithic or the Early Bronze Age?
Circle Tower 2024-06-08 7,786 324.4 ... that the Circle Tower (pictured), an Art Deco building in Indianapolis, features ziggurat-like upper floors?
DellaXOZ 2024-06-06 7,739 322.5 ... that the TikTok success of DellaXOZ's "Ahh!!" prompted a lawyer to contact her?
Julius Welschof 2024-06-06 7,621 317.5 ... that German factory worker Julius Welschof now plays in the National Football League?
Hush WAACs 2024-06-17 7,588 316.1 ... that codebreaker Emily Anderson was trained to become a Hush WAAC before she joined the British GCHQ?
Phenotypic disparity 2024-06-11 7,504 312.6 ... that birds have more species than mammals, but are relatively more uniform in appearance?
Jean Pettrequin 2024-06-15 4,166 173.6 ... that a mob in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, detained Jean Pettrequin and searched for Sebastian Zouberbuhler because of a letter?
Sebastian Zouberbuhler 3,334 138.9
Total 7,500 312.5
Windswept Adan 2024-06-12 7,441 310.0 ... that the idea for Windswept Adan came to Ichiko Aoba after she noticed the translucency of a sea grape?
Lampaansyöjät (film) 2024-06-04 7,392 308.0 ... that the 1972 Finnish film The Sheep Eaters gathered more than a million viewers opposite the 1975 Ice Hockey World Championships match between Finland and the Soviet Union?
Lie Kiat Teng 2024-06-02 7,335 305.6 ... that Lie Kiat Teng (pictured) appealed to the "moral obligation" of doctors to address a healthcare crisis in South Sulawesi?
Simon de Graaff 2024-06-13 7,318 304.9 ... that, as minister, Simon de Graaff would receive daily shipments of documents by bicycle?
Keaton Bills 2024-06-20 7,268 302.8 ... that Bills plays for the Bills?
Kefah Ali Deeb 2024-06-07 7,250 302.1 ... that Syrian artist Kefah Ali Deeb painted an empty chair (pictured) as her vision of victims and refugees?
Eve (Stellar Blade) 2024-06-06 7,141 297.5 ... that Stellar Blade's Eve was described as "a woman born from South Korea's culture and philosophy" by The Washington Post?
Camping in Alaska 2024-06-06 7,071 294.6 ... that despite the success of their song "C U in da Ballpit", Camping in Alaska band members say they all hate it?
Boom (Doctor Who) 2024-06-15 6,996 291.5 ... that during the filming of the Doctor Who episode "Boom" some takes lasted up to seven minutes?
Fire Beavers 2024-06-07 4,552 189.7 ... that Aurora Gaming's roster for Apex Legends is made up of Fire Beavers?
Aurora Gaming 2,408 100.3
Total 6,960 290.0
Zer0 2024-06-10 6,912 288.0 ... that Australian gamer Zer0 led his team to an Apex Legends Global Series championship with a substitution teammate to whom he had never spoken before?
Soumane Touré 2024-06-19 6,762 281.8 ... that the execution of Burkinabé trade union leader Soumane Touré was prevented by the intervention of his childhood friend, then-president Thomas Sankara?
Jaelyn Brown 2024-06-19 6,632 276.3 ... that Jaelyn Brown, who was born with two club feet, now plays in the WNBA?
Ōsakishimojima 2024-06-09 6,606 275.3 ... that the daimyo of Kumamoto is said to have spent a thousand gold pieces in one night at an Ōsakishimojima teahouse?
Brad Banducci 2024-06-10 6,596 274.8 ... that starting at age 16, future Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci was named top sewing machine salesperson three years in a row?
Asyikin–Brugman Treaty 2024-06-14 6,463 269.3 ... that the Asyikin–Brugman Treaty was revoked 11 days after being signed?
Taquería El Califa de León 2024-06-08 6,402 266.7 ... that El Califa de León is the first Mexican taqueria to be awarded a Michelin star?
Lycus (river of Constantinople) 2024-06-13 6,376 265.6 ... that the Byzantine Empire's weak defenses around the Lycus valley played a pivotal role in the fall of Constantinople?
Travis Clayton 2024-06-01 6,300 262.5 ... that Travis Clayton went from the eighth tier of English rugby union to being drafted into the National Football League, even though he had never played in an American football game?
Homeric Hymns 2024-06-18 6,293 262.2 ... that the ancient Homeric Hymns influenced the works of James Joyce, Alfred Hitchcock and Neil Gaiman?
Blind (SZA song) 2024-06-05 6,256 260.7 ... that one of SZA's songs name-drops such figures as a boxer, a stand-up comedian, and Jesus?
Hae Nang Maew 2024-06-14 6,246 260.3 ... that in Thailand and Cambodia, cats are used in a procession to ask for rain?
Two Roosters Ice Cream 2024-06-17 6,122 255.1 ... that Two Roosters Ice Cream became locally popular after offering odd flavors such as "grilled cheese" and "pizza"?
Joe Shield 2024-06-17 6,086 253.6 ... that Joe Shield was the first person from Vermont to be drafted into the NFL and then make a team's roster?
Qin Huasun 2024-06-18 6,084 253.5 ... that Qin Huasun criticized Taiwan's bid to join the United Nations as a "brazen attempt [...] at splitting a sovereign state"?
Utter (horse) 2024-06-18 5,976 249.0 ... that Utter served as a Stockholm police horse for more than 23 years, participating in 515 changings of the Royal Guards?
Ryoko Kui 2024-06-11 5,946 247.7 ... that in addition to her popular manga series Delicious in Dungeon, Ryoko Kui has drawn fan art of the games Baldur's Gate, Pathfinder and Planescape: Torment?
New York State Pavilion 2024-06-06 5,856 244.0 ... that the New York State Pavilion, one of the most popular attractions at the 1964 World's Fair, later stored hazardous waste?
Chronotropic incompetence 2024-06-07 5,842 243.4 ... that many people with heart failure, diabetes, or ME/CFS cannot raise their heart rates sufficiently during exercise?
Manganese nitrides 2024-06-17 5,774 240.6 ... that making a manganese nitride in 1894 required a sponge?
Bernard Mellor 2024-06-16 5,764 240.2 ... that academic Bunny Mellor served as a secret agent alongside Peter Fleming?
6:16 in LA 2024-06-02 5,760 240.0 ... that the diss track "6:16 in LA", directed at Drake, samples Al Green's "What a Wonderful Thing Love Is", a song that features Drake's guitarist uncle?
A Modern Mephistopheles 2024-06-10 5,736 239.0 ... that Louisa May Alcott wrote A Modern Mephistopheles as part of an anonymous series in which readers were meant to guess the author?
Richmond Theatre (Richmond, Virginia) 2024-06-07 5,626 234.4 ... that three of the four Richmond Theatres were destroyed by fire, of which the 1811 fire was described as "early America's first great disaster"?
Hind's Hall 2024-06-10 5,481 228.4 ... that Macklemore's song "Hind's Hall" refers to Hind Rajab, a six-year-old girl who was killed in the Gaza Strip in January 2024?
Giant panda 2024-06-03 5,385[d] 224.4 ... that the distinctive coloration of the giant panda appears to serve as camouflage in both winter and summer?
Atavista 2024-06-15 5,324 221.9 ... that "Human Sacrifice", a track on the 2024 album Atavista, could be heard in a 2019 Google Pixel advertisement?
Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleed 2024-06-03 5,240 218.3 ... that the 18th-century hymn "Alas! and Did My Saviour Bleed" has been criticised because its lyrics have singers call themselves a "worm"?
Shushu/Tong 2024-06-05 5,204 216.9 ... that Shushu/Tong is a brand that creates fashion collections inspired by magical girl anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
Yuba County Library 2024-06-05 5,140 214.2 ... that when Yuba County's library was built in 1906, it had a smoking room?
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2024-06-08 5,103 212.6 ... that researchers submitting to the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy intentionally introduced security bugs into Linux?
Aza Arnold 2024-06-07 5,060 210.8 ... that within years of Aza Arnold inventing a device to improve cotton roving, it was plagiarized across the United States and Europe?
Michael Jurgens 2024-06-04 5,010 208.7 ... that football player Michael Jurgens never lost in 42 high school varsity games?
Jasprit Bumrah 2024-06-18 4,892[e] 203.8 ... that Jasprit Bumrah holds the record for scoring the highest number of runs in a single over in Test cricket?
WHEM (FM) 2024-06-20 4,812 200.5 ... that the operators of a Wisconsin radio station received unsolicited checks and food deliveries?
Fang Yi'ai 2024-06-08 4,769 198.7 ... that the Tang dynasty politician Fang Yi'ai, together with his wife Princess Gaoyang, rebelled against Emperor Gaozong of Tang, but their rebellion was swiftly suppressed, resulting in their deaths?
Caitlyn Wurzburger 2024-06-15 4,712 196.3 ... that lacrosse player Caitlyn Wurzburger committed to a college program at the age of 14?
Gingras (instrument) 2024-06-04 4,652 193.8 ... that according to second-century AD Greek rhetorician Athenaeus, the Phoenicians played a flute-like instrument called the gingras in their mourning rituals?
Peter Demetz 2024-06-05 4,613 192.2 ... that Peter Demetz, who taught German literature at Yale University from 1956 to 1991, was born in Prague where he was persecuted under the Nazis and escaped the Communist regime in 1949?
C. J. Hanson 2024-06-09 4,511 188.0 ... that in 2024, C. J. Hanson became the first player from his school to be chosen in the NFL draft since 1989?
Reuben Solo 2024-06-08 4,356 181.5 ... that during a comedy routine Reuben Solo drew a graph plotting the audience's reaction to his routine?
Alexei Starobinsky 2024-06-10 4,338 180.8 ... that the first model of cosmic inflation was formulated by a Soviet physicist but initially remained unknown outside the Soviet Union?
Alexander Helfgot 2024-06-02 4,318 179.9 ... that an essay of jailed Socialist Revolutionary politician Alexander Helfgot was smuggled out of Russia and published in Berlin in 1922?
Peale's Philadelphia Museum 2024-06-06 4,262 177.6 ... that exhibits at Peale's Philadelphia Museum included the first nearly complete skeleton of a mastodon (sketch pictured)?
Dellwood Cemetery 2024-06-12 4,228 176.2 ... that the two marble statues flanking the Dellwood Cemetery gates represent Mourning and Resurrection?
Don Johnson (basketball) 2024-06-05 4,212 175.5 ... that Cypress College basketball coach Don Johnson, who was an All-American at UCLA, developed two players with minimal experience who later played for his alma mater and set records in the NBA?
Fredrick Wangabo Mwenengabo 2024-06-13 4,038 168.2 ... that Fredrick Wangabo Mwenengabo, a Congolese-Canadian anthropologist and human rights activist, survived being kidnapped and held for ransom in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
Yangliujie Catholic Church 2024-06-09 4,000 166.6 ... that the Chinese Red Army housed its political directorate in a Catholic church in 1935?
Mrs. Brisby 2024-06-01 3,990 166.2 ... that the mouse protagonist Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH had her name changed because of a trademark issue from a toy named "Frisbee"?
Peter Bowden 2024-06-14 3,971 165.5 ... that football player Peter Bowden only started long snapping to help his cousin, a punter, produce film in high school, and both are now in the National Football League?
Casey Washington 2024-06-03 3,933 163.9 ... that Casey Washington made the game-winning score that ended a record nine-overtime college football game?
Adam Parry 2024-06-20 3,903 162.6 ... that the classicist Adam Parry said that he had only ever considered three careers: academia, law and beachcombing?
Tachikawa Sumito 2024-06-01 3,848 160.4 ... that Tachikawa Sumito made a hit cover in 1976 of a song that he first discovered when a housewife called into his radio show requesting to hear a version of it?
Lyle Bauer 2024-06-02 3,809 158.7 ... that Lyle Bauer continued to attend Canadian Football League executive meetings despite being unable to speak due to his treatment for stage four throat cancer?
Siege of Durham (1006) 2024-06-16 3,790 157.9 ... that Uhtred became Earl of Bamburgh after his victory at the siege of Durham, even though his father seems to have still been living?
Pearl (X) 2024-06-17 3,776[f] 157.3 ... that actress Mia Goth was cast as both Pearl and Maxine in X to emphasize the similarities between the two characters?
Jeffrey Veregge 2024-06-09 3,730 155.4 ... that S'Klallam artist Jeffrey Veregge's "Salish Geek" style blended traditional formline art techniques with bright colors and pop culture references?
Sithu Pauk Hla of Yamethin 2024-06-04 3,704 154.3 ... that when Sithu Pauk Hla was appointed the governor of Yamethin, he was also given command of a 50-strong company of war elephants?
Kenji Tanigaki 2024-06-18 2,180 90.8 ... that Kenji Tanigaki, the action director of Rurouni Kenshin and Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, began his career as a stuntman on the invitation of action choreographer Stephen Tung?
Stephen Tung 1,450 60.4
Total 3,630 151.2
Apologia Pro Vita Sua 2024-06-01 3,609 150.4 ... that after John Henry Newman wrote his Apologia Pro Vita Sua in response to an attack by Charles Kingsley, Kingsley compared Newman to a "treacherous ape" and implied that he was insane?
WJHP-TV 2024-06-07 3,599 150.0 ... that one of the "plushest" nightclubs in northern Florida turned into studios for a TV station in Jacksonville?
Lyceum Theatre (Boston) 2024-06-03 3,596 149.8 ... that Boston's World's Museum was a theatre, an aquarium, a menagerie, and a freak show?
Claude Hamilton Verity 2024-06-07 2,154 89.7 ... that Claude Hamilton Verity, a grandson of Doncaster mayor Charles Verity, was an early pioneer of the synchronisation of sound with silent films?
Charles Verity 1,357 56.5
Total 3,510 146.3
Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu 2024-06-05 3,494 145.6 ... that a municipal purchase of 177 motorcycles by Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, the mayor of Semarang, Indonesia, caused a social media controversy due to media misreporting?
Delta (emulator) 2024-06-01 3,416 142.3 ... that Riley Testut developed AltStore because he wanted to publish his emulator Delta?
Eurovision Song Contest 1974 2024-06-11 3,403 141.8 ... that one Italian broadcaster delayed airing Eurovision Song Contest 1974 by two months to avoid influencing an upcoming divorce law referendum?
Democratic Yemeni Union of Peasants 2024-06-02 3,344 139.4 ... that in 1978 the chairman of the Democratic Yemeni Union of Peasants was arrested after the South Yemeni government was taken over by Abdul Fattah Ismail?
Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain 2024-06-16 3,334 138.9 ... that a 2018 documentary film explores blockchain as a means to give stateless refugees official identities?
Natives Representative Council 2024-06-18 3,298 137.4 ... that the Natives Representative Council held meetings in school halls?
Jacques Poitras 2024-06-06 3,268 136.2 ... that journalist Jacques Poitras spent a month repeatedly crossing the "Imaginary Line" separating New Brunswick and Maine in order to publish a book about it?
Jan Leike 2024-06-17 3,175 132.3 ... that AI researcher Jan Leike believes "safety culture and processes have taken a backseat to shiny products" at OpenAI?
Madisen Skinner 2024-06-19 3,108 129.5 ... that volleyball player Madisen Skinner beat Texas in one national championship final – then won two national championships with Texas?
Jacob Christiaan Koningsberger 2024-06-08 3,099 129.1 ... that Jacob Christiaan Koningsberger, a biologist who catalogued the flora and fauna of Java, also served as the Dutch minister of the colonies?
Lin Yu-tang (long jumper) 2024-06-05 3,078 128.2 ... that Taiwanese long jumper Lin Yu-tang qualified for the 2024 Summer Olympics by switching out his broken track shoes between attempts?
Izzy Scane 2024-06-16 3,072 128.0 ... that Northwestern women's lacrosse player Izzy Scane led the country in points, missed a season with a torn ACL, then led the country in points again?
Bali Regional House of Representatives 2024-06-16 3,067 127.8 ... that in the year after its establishment, the provincial legislature of Bali annulled all local laws banning inter-caste marriage?
Saparinah Sadli 2024-06-03 2,989 124.5 ... that Saparinah Sadli defended one of her former students when Indonesia's State Intelligence Agency challenged her gendered exploration of the New Order regime?
Eddie Halliwell 2024-06-16 2,960 123.4 ... that Eddie Halliwell was voted into the top 20 of the DJ Mag poll of the most popular disc jockeys for four consecutive years?
Shirley Warde 2024-06-14 2,921 121.7 ... that Shirley Warde not only starred in theater and movie productions, but also wrote playscripts and short stories for magazines?
Elizabeth Yeampierre 2024-06-03 2,921 121.7 ... that Elizabeth Yeampierre has called Puerto Rico the "poster child for climate injustice" due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria?
Jordynn Dudley 2024-06-08 2,890 120.4 ... that first-team All-American soccer player Jordynn Dudley holds her high school's basketball scoring record?
Episode 8851 2024-06-11 2,866 119.4 ... that Tim Robards returned to Neighbours in Episode 8851, two years after he had to quit his role early?
Ang Ating Musika 2024-06-12 2,787 116.1 ... that for her residency Ang Ating Musika, Regine Velasquez performed "two concerts-in-one"?
Eurovision Song Contest 1991 2024-06-02 2,756 114.8 ... that the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 was moved to Rome from Sanremo at a late stage due to increased security concerns resulting from the Gulf War?
Come, O thou Traveller unknown 2024-06-20 2,680 111.6 ... that Isaac Watts, the "father of English hymnody", described one of Charles Wesley's hymns as "worth all the verses he himself had written"?
Felipe Lara 2024-06-11 2,678 111.6 ... that Felipe Lara's Pulitzer finalist Double Concerto turns its soloists into a "many-tentacled creature"?
Obonga–Ottertooth Provincial Park 2024-06-01 2,635 109.8 ... that the Obonga–Ottertooth Provincial Park is a significant habitat for woodland moose?
Vasantha Krishna Prasad 2024-06-19 2,590 107.9 ... that Vasantha Krishna Prasad was the richest candidate from Krishna district to contest the 2019 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election?
KT Leveston 2024-06-07 2,566 106.9 ... that KT Leveston, the 254th pick in the 2024 NFL draft, is from U.S. area code 254?
Mike Gorman 2024-06-15 2,458 102.4 ... that Mike Gorman spent 43 consecutive years as the television play-by-play commentator for the Boston Celtics?
The Last of Us season 1 2024-06-16 2,340 97.5 ... that the budget for the first season of The Last of Us exceeded that of each of the first five seasons of Game of Thrones?
List of Green Bay Packers NFL Anniversary All-Time Team selections 2024-06-18 2,273 94.7 ... that Don Hutson and Forrest Gregg were the only Green Bay Packers players selected for all three NFL All-Anniversary Teams?
Jugando a Que No Pasa Nada 2024-06-13 2,198 91.6 ... that the American band Grupo Frontera collaborated with the media franchise Transformers on a trailer to promote their second studio album?
Sitdown strike 2024-06-19 2,138 89.1 ... that the U.S. Department of Labor recorded 583 sitdown strikes in the U.S. between 1936 and 1939, affecting half a million workers?
Jarrett Kingston 2024-06-02 1,858 77.4 ... that in college, American football player Jarrett Kingston started at the position of left guard, then moved to left tackle, and then played right tackle and right guard?
Fourth All-Russian Congress of the Party of Left Socialist-Revolutionaries (internationalists) 2024-06-07 1,840 76.7 ... that Left Socialist-Revolutionary leader Maria Spiridonova addressed her party's fourth congress in October 1918 by letter as she was in jail?
Unified (concert) 2024-06-18 692 28.8 ... that after presenting a televised singing contest won by Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez co-headlined a concert with her?


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