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Keeping administrators well informed!

The administrators' newsletter is a monthly update containing relevant information on administrative issues aimed at administrators. It is intended to help keep administrators up to date with changes to Wikipedia that they may otherwise miss.

The newsletter is currently opt-in; please sign up (non-admins are welcome to subscribe) to receive it, and leave feedback on the general discussion page. The first issue was sent to all administrators to make them aware of the newsletter; subsequent issues are only sent to users on the subscription list.

A subscription box is available, please transclude Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Subscription-box for an automatically updating list of the most important points from the latest issue. You can also transclude Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Current issue to get the full version.

If you would like to help write the newsletter, drop your name in the Writers section below and take a look at the writing instructions and guide. The upcoming issue can be found at Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/2024/7, please feel free to contribute or suggest additions at the talk page.

Current issue[edit]


Want to help write the administrators' newsletter? Sign your name here with ~~~! Contributions welcomed from all users.

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