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Welcome to my userpage. If you're here for help, advice, answers or explanations about anything related to me, my editing or Wikipedia in general – my talk page is the place to go. I am proud to contribute to Wikipedia, "the great exception" to the Internet's failed utopias and "the dream that worked", as The Economist so succinctly put it.

Ask me about Australian sources![edit]

I have:

  • Access to many Australian newspapers that are paywalled or otherwise difficult to search, through various online archives.
  • The Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers by Russell Holmesby and Jim Main (11th edition, published 2018), covering all VFL/AFL players from 1897–2018.
  • The AFL Record Season Guide (2019 edition) covering a truckload of statistical information from 1897–2018: games, goals, finals, drafts, fixtures, random lists and much more.


I mostly edit subjects relevant to my home country of Australia, typically related to Australian rules football. Early on, I did a lot of relatively fast-paced editing – patrolling recent changes and writing short biographies for new AFL players. These days my focus is more on larger-scale creations or expansions, which take longer but are much more satisfying when they're done.

My best work in this area includes 2017 AFL Women's Rising Star, 2018 AFL Women's Rising Star and Coleman Medal – all FLs. Other work I'm proud of includes Tom Barrass, Darren Bartsch, Darebin Falcons, Will Schofield, and a list of VFL/AFL players to have scored a goal with their first kick.

More recently, I have also dabbled a bit in Australian politics, ending up one of the lead maintainers on opinion polling for the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum. This has inspired some other article creations: Kos Samaras, pub test and Australian Polling Council. I will probably continue working in this area in the future.

I have contributed hooks for DYK.

I do a bit of deletion work, focusing on cleaning up corporate spam – equal parts satisfying and depressing. See my PROD and CSD logs. I am aiming to delete 0.01% of Wikipedia.

I'm friends with 5225C in real life. He needs a topic ban from Carlos Sainz to protect the sanctity of NPOV.

I went by User:Piconix very briefly, but abandoned the account after I forgot the password.

I also briefly undertook some paid editing. Well, paid is perhaps a misnomer, as the article in question never progressed beyond the draft stage and I never actually got paid.