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Hello. I have been a Wikipedia user since 2004. When I created my account, Wikipedia was still quite new, and I thought that someday I might want to put my contributions on my resume! (Little did I know the project would wind up being the butt of jokes on Conan O'Brien's show.) So I used my real name, or part of it, as my username. I can't tell you much more about myself for professional reasons. I have disclosed that I am American and Jewish. I am old enough to have had fallout shelter signs in my elementary school and remember when video-rental stores had VHS and Beta sections.

Because of my lack of time and low attention span, I do little editing of articles nowadays, preferring to spend most of my Wikipedia time on the Reference Desks. I was formerly a Google Answers researcher, actually receiving money to answer people's questions. Google Answers is no more (thank you, Wikipedia), but I still enjoy helping to find information for people. My best subjects are politics, geography and history. Feel free to ask questions on my talk page if you don't want to use the Reference Desks.

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The democracy/republic chart[edit]

Updated to reflect the abolition of the Nepalese monarchy[edit]

Republics Monarchies
Democratic Italy, USA Canada, Netherlands
Not democratic Cuba, Turkmenistan Saudi Arabia, Brunei