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Hey all! I'm Mdann52, or feel free to call me Matt. I've been editing Wikipedia on and off since early 2012.

I've done a lot of general tasks on Wikipedia in the past, and I'm trying to get back into things now. I'm hoping to help out where I can and get back into content creation, as well as dabble with Bots and other similar task.

By day, I'm a Software Engineer working on various projects and languages. I also operate and develop Mdann52 bot (talk · contribs) and RetractionBot (talk · contribs).

I'm (usually!) glad to help with any issues you have - either technical, general, course-related or just for a chat - my talk page is that-away for any enquiries :)

My other account

Mdann52(alt) (talk · contribs); my account used for (occasional) bulk edits - eg. using toollabs, when I remember to switch accounts!
Mdann52 bot (talk · contribs)

Featured content

Oblivion (roller coaster)