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About Me

Hi, welcome to my user page!

Smile emoji Greetings - as a former Wikipedia editor (6 years and 120k edits) I retired in 2020. After one-half year "vacation", I restarted again in 2020. For WikiFauna, my favorite is WikiRoadRunner. Being somewhat of a "generalist" there are many topics that interest me. During my school years, I was a library volunteer (shelf-reader) so I do like keeping (books/life) all in order. Chaos & disorder, I have learned to just "let it go". Occasionally, I like to visit the Community portal.


  • Tools:
    • Launch PetScan
      for plain text list, selected Category, smallest articles, etc.
    • Query to Un-tag orphan articles


Venus Anadyomene
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Today is 21 June 2024
Friday, 21 June
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Petscan Tool

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Orphaned articles

WP:PetscanExample link


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