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Scripts are organized under sections that best describes the page or functionality that each script modifies.
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Automatic Article Lead Image
Adds a lead image to biographies that don't have lead images.
Enhanced Random Article (documentation)
Enhances the existing "Random article" feature. Disambiguation pages, redirects, and pages with titles that match a certain pattern can be skipped over.
Smaller Templates
Makes maintenance templates such as {{cleanup}} to appear smaller so that they take up less space.
Small Lead Languages
Makes text in lead paragraph that provides translations to be smaller.
Stock Symbol Formatter
Converts stock symbols links to link to Google Finance.
Subject's Age from Year
In an article about a person or a company, when the mouse hovers over a year in the article, the age of the article's subject by that year appears in a tooltip.


Contributions Alternative Links
On a user's contributions page, an extra link is added in "(diff | hist)" to either link to the page's Main page or Talk page.
Highlight My Username In History
Highlights your username in history pages.
Mark Edits After My Own
Marks edits on contribution pages where the user's edit is not the most recent on that page. Does not mark pages on your watchlist, since you are already notified of those.
Mark Today's Edits
Marks edits on contributions pages that were made today.
Mark Unviewed Watchlist Items
On the Watchlist, marks unviewed diffs by bolding them. Only tested with Enhanced Recent Changes enabled.
Minutes Later for Diff
When viewing an edit diff, shows how many minutes have passed from the old edit and the new one. Only appears if the difference is less than an hour.


Comment Highlighter
Highlights recent comments yellow, while your own comments are highlighted in blue. (Requires User:Gary/comments in local time.js for now).
Comments in Local Time (documentation)
Changes UTC-based times and dates, such as those used in signatures, to be relative to local time.
Expand Hidden Templates (documentation)
Expands and collapses hidden templates on a page. Templates affected include {{hidden}}, {{hidden archive top}}, and their derivatives.


Custom Minor Edits
Force minor edits on whichever namespaces are specificed. Can either use names or numbers, from Wikipedia:Namespace.
Default Summary
Creates a default edit summary, with several specific to certain pages, such as archive and talk pages.
Show Upload Deletion Logs
After clicking on a link to a deleted file, this script shows links to a file's deletion logs for convenience.


Categorize Promoted Featured Items
At Wikipedia:Featured articles promoted in 2010, shows the section from Wikipedia:Featured articles under where each featured article is placed.
Hide and Show Sidebar Portlets
Hides whatever sidebar portlets (the boxes to the left of every page) that are specified. Click on the portlet's name to expand it again.
Highlight Nearby Links
If two links are next to each other so it's hard to tell if they are one link or two separate ones (such as New York and City next to each other), both links will be underlined so that it is clear that they are separate.
Link Intermediate Revisions
Link intermediate revisions when viewing a diff, to easily see which revisions are between the two diffs currently being viewed.
Namespace Redirect
Redirects pages that begin with certain prefixes to appropriate namespaces.
Nominations Viewer (documentation)
Compact nominations for WP:FAC, WP:FAR, WP:FLC, WP:FLRC, and WP:FPC.
Reviewer Summary (documentation)
Shows a summary table of reviewers for the nominations on the current page.
Script Installer (documentation)
A tool that makes it easy to install any Wikipedia script or stylesheet. After installing Script Installer, go to any documentation or script page and click on the "Install this script" link to install the script.
Show TOC Limit
Shows the table of contents' limit (with the use of {{TOC limit}}) if it is indeed limited.
User Groups
Hides content based on a user's usergroup.


Disambiguation Navigator
Makes navigation of disambiguation pages easier by associating each article with a keyboard key.

Special pages[edit]

Custom Long Pages
Adds options for Special:LongPages, such as the ability to hide articles that begin with "List of".


Editable Template Examples
Converts template examples in <pre> tags to <textarea> so they can be more easily copied.