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I did some work on Northern Quarter (Manchester) I helped resolve a dispute on Pete Townshend I was blocked for my efforts on Murder of Meredith Kercher I made The Holy Bible (album) a Good Article I am a Yeoman Editor I revised the WP:CRIME criteria I took this photo I am a Grognard Mirabilaire I've done a fair bit of work getting articles ready for In The News - my first one was Elections in Saudi Arabia I helped to settle a dispute about Alan Grayson's religion I got National League for Democracy into In The News I got Dersim Massacre into In The News I am a Veteran Editor I created this barnstar I got this for work on various articles to do with elections I helped out in a dispute on Somatotype and constitutional psychology For contributing to Depictions of Muhammad and other articles I played a very minor role in the disastrous first WP:V RfC I don't know why I got this For making a comment about censorship For Googling I made a suggestion which was incorporated into the Terms of Use For services to funny For comments about new species I am a Grand Tutnum My first DYK nomination For the great Chelsea Manning debate, 2013 For closing overdue RfCs Burp! For an RfC close I am a Veteran Editor III