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The vessel of consensus drifts further and further away from the shores of discussion with each and every reply.

Wow that Vector 2022 RfC was tough. Apologise for the confusing reply directed at that IP. Anyway, hope your day is going well. I guess you are using 2010 Vector. What is next? Matrices? Aasim - Herrscher of Wikis ❄️ 23:49, 19 March 2023 (UTC)

The Socratic Barnstar
Also on the V22 boondoggle! Noticed you somehow had less than me. Your !vote and replies were pretty good!
Aaron Liu (talk) 12:35, 24 March 2023 (UTC)

a voice of calm

Thank you for Costa Concordia disaster, your GA reviews, for your continued work on the battlefield American politics, for your beautiful words of WikiLove, you are an awesome Wikipedian!

You are recipient no. 2872 of Precious, a prize of QAI. --Frzzltalk;contribs 00:00, 23 August 2023 (UTC)


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