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Most notably, I pioneered the concept of using the FlaggedRevs extension as a form of conditional page protection similar to semi-protection. Technically, I proposed that edits by all autoconfirmed users, and not only by reviewers as in classic FlaggedRevs, be automatically accepted when the previous revision was already accepted; while in terms of policy, I proposed that the use be targeted to demonstrably problematic pages as with semi-protection, instead of a large-scale preventive use as in classic FlaggedRevs proposals. This shifted the paradigm and I think was the main reason that the then perennially rejected FlaggedRevs gained acceptance on the English Wikipedia. I first proposed it for a trial (it was then called flagged protection) and after some adventures, it ended up being implemented on a permanent basis, and is now termed pending changes (see background).[1]

The original trial proposal also contained the related patrolled revisions, a passive technical aid for patrolling changes, but it was never implemented, although I worked on a partial implementation of this concept. My main interest near the end of my time here was deferred changes, a system by which automated processes like bots and the edit filter can defer for review edits assessed as suspicious, either actively (by delaying their visibility) or passively (by merely adding the page to a queue). I was also interested in change tags, various software changes and other proposals.

  1. ^ Note that my proposal was wholly unrelated to the "very premature proposal" that Jimbo was "shopping around" after the WMF rejected his call to implement FlaggedRevs, of which we never heard any news. It was also against my will that the original trial wasn't terminated after its agreed upon two month duration. I'm thankful to several users, particularly Beeblebrox, who helped to reach consensus for permanent implementation at a moment where I had no time to do so myself.
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