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From Wikipedia:Systemic bias:

The common characteristics of average Wikipedians inevitably color the content of Wikipedia. The average Wikipedian on the English Wikipedia is

  1. white
  2. male
  3. technically inclined
  4. formally educated
  5. an English speaker (native or non-native)
  6. aged 15–49
  7. from a majority-Christian country
  8. from a developed nation
  9. from the Northern Hemisphere
  10. likely employed as a white-collar worker or enrolled as a student rather than being employed as a blue-collar worker.


  1. Women are underrepresented
  2. Those without Internet are underrepresented
  3. Mobile device users are underrepresented
  4. People with little free time are underrepresented
  5. English-speaking editors from Anglophone countries dominate
  6. An American or European perspective may exist.