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Project banner[edit]

The {{WikiProject Aviation}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every article within the scope of the project. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has some optional ones that add extra features to the banner. The full syntax is as follows:

{{WikiProject Aviation

<!-- B-Class checklist -->
| b1 = <yes/no> <!--Referencing & citations-->
| b2 = <yes/no> <!--Coverage & accuracy    -->
| b3 = <yes/no> <!--Structure              -->
| b4 = <yes/no> <!--Grammar & style        -->
| b5 = <yes/no> <!--Supporting materials   -->

<!-- Portals -->

<!-- Task forces (general topics) -->

General parameters[edit]

  • class – valid values are fa, a, ga, b, c, start, stub, fl, list, na (case-insensitive). See the project's quality scale for details. Setting an explicit value of NA is rarely necessary; for this, either leave |class= blank or omit the parameter. B-class checklist (available only when |class=stub |class=start |class=c or |class=b):
    • B-Class-1 – Referencing and citation (see the project's B-class criteria for details).
    • B-Class-2 – Coverage and accuracy (see the project's B-class criteria for details).
    • B-Class-3 – Structure (see the project's B-class criteria for details).
    • B-Class-4 – Grammar and style (see the project's B-class criteria for details).
    • B-Class-5 – Supporting materials (see the project's B-class criteria for details).
    • Set these to "yes" or "y" if the article meets the criterion; "no" or "n" if it does not. If the criterion has not been checked, omit the parameter or leave it with a blank value. When |class=b is set, all five criteria need to be satisfied, otherwise the article is treated as if |class=c were set.
  • attention – set |attention=yes if the article needs immediate attention from experienced editors. Use only if another parameter does not cover the need for attention; this should be used sparingly. It is strongly encouraged to also add a section to the talk page explaining what needs attention.
  • needs-infobox – set |needs-infobox=yes if the article needs an infobox. Remember that infoboxes are not suitable for all articles, and can overwhelm short articles.
  • imageneeded – set |imageneeded=yes if the article needs an image (other than a map).
  • |A-Class= "pass", "fail", or "current" indicates the status of the article's A-Class review; see the review department for more details.
  • peer-review – set |peer-review=yes if the article is currently undergoing a peer review, or to request that the peer review process for this page should be begun.
  • old-peer-review – set |old-peer-review=yes if the article has had a peer review which is now archived.
  • listas – This parameter, which is the equivalent of the DEFAULTSORT sortkey that should be placed on all biographical articles, is a sortkey for the article talk page (e.g. for Reinhard Heydrich, use |listas=Heydrich, Reinhard so that the talk page will show up in the H's and not the R's of the various assessment and administrative categories; similarly, for topics with titles beginning with an article such as "the" or "a" - e.g. for The Airscrew Company, use |listas=Airscrew Company, The so that the talk page will show up in the A's). This is important because it is one source used by those who set DEFAULTSORT on the article; consider also setting the DEFAULTSORT for the article when setting this parameter. For more information about this, please see Wikipedia:Categorization of people § Ordering names in a category.
    If the article is using {{WikiProject banner shell}} then it is preferable to add |listas= to that template instead of a project banner template. Putting the parameter on more than one template is not required.
  • category – set |category=no if, and only if, a banner is being used for demonstration or testing purposes, to prevent unnecessary or undesirable categorization. Otherwise, omit this parameter.


  • The parameters |b1= to |b5= are recognised as aliases for |B-Class-1= to |B-Class-5=. If both |B-Class-1= and |b1= are present, |b1= is ignored; similarly for the other four pairs.


Projects and task forces:

To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template.