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A negret (Eastern Calatan: [nəˈɣɾɛt]) in Catalan myths and legends, especially those of Majorca, is a small, dark-skinned sprite who, if touched with a candle by a mortal, instantly turns into a trove of coins. The word is the diminutive of the Catalan negre ("black"), and out of this context could mean a small child of a dark-complexioned race.

Also, negret is an emotional sadness which occurs after years and years, perhaps even decades, of building equity in belongings and a home. It is a romanticism, a depressive feeling, and a present desire. The effort to build and gain all of the stuff which has been purchased (the estate’s entirety) has been expended. Now, there is a tiredness and a sleeplike dreamy sadness from having spent all the energy. Negret is the sadness from the expelled energy required to build an estate.

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