Luigi Rados

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An 1811 engraving of balloonist Sophie Blanchard by Luigi Rados

Luigi Rados (19 October 1773 – 1840) was an Italian engraver.


Rados was born in Parma and educated at the city's academy.[1]

He collaborated extensively with the French painter Jean-François Bosio, who worked under the name Giovanni Battista Bosio while in Milan under the French occupation. Rados' plates after Bosio include a portrait of the French viceroy Eugène de Beauharnais (1807) and illustrations for an updated Milanese equivalent of Carracci's Cries of Bologna, published under the title of I costumi di Milano e suoi circondari. Rados also engraved many of the portraits drawn by Bosio for the second volume of the Serie di vite e ritratti de'famosi personaggi degli ultimi tempi, a three-volume collection of illustrated biographies published in Milan between 1815 and 1818.[2]


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