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List of political parties in Asturias

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This article lists political parties in Asturias.

Asturias has a multi-party system at both the national and regional level. There are five political parties with representation in the General Junta of the Principality of Asturias, (the communist IU–IX, progressive Podemos, moderate FSA–PSOE, liberal Ciudadanos, regionalist FAC and conservative PP) which makes it extremely difficult for any other formation or coalition to achieve an electoral majority in the parliament.

Most voted political parties in the 2019 Asturian parliamentary election[edit]

Party Position Ideology Results (2019) Seats in Parliament (Total: 45)
Asturian Socialist Federation (FSA–PSOE)
Federación Socialista Asturiana
Centre-left Progressivism, social democracy, federalism, pro-Europeanism 187,462 votes
35.3% of the electorate
People's Party of Asturias (PP)
Partido Popular de Asturias
Centre-right to right-wing Conservatism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, economic liberalism, unionism 93,147 votes
17.5% of the electorate
Centre-left to centre-right Liberalism, social democracy, secularism, autonomism, pro-Europeanism, Spanish unionism, postnationalism 74,271 votes
14.0% of the electorate
We Can Asturias
Podemos Asturies
Left-wing Social democracy, Republicanism, Antimilitarism, Internationalism, Feminism, Environmentalism 58,674 votes
11.0% of the electorate
United Left of Asturias (IU–IX)
Izquierda Xunida d'Asturies
Left-wing Communism, Republicanism, Antimilitarism, Federalism, Environmentalism 35,174 votes
6.6% of the electorate
Asturias Forum
Foro Asturias
Centre-right Conservatism, Christian democracy, Regionalism 34,687 votes
6.5% of the electorate
Vox Right-wing to far-right Spanish nationalism, national conservatism, right-wing populism, social conservatism, economic liberalism, euroscepticism, anti-Islam, centralism 34,210 votes
6.4% of the electorate

Political parties running for the Asturian general election, 2019[edit]

Other active political parties[edit]

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