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Johannes Belsheim monument at Vår Frelsers gravlund in Oslo

Johannes Engebretsen Belsheim (21 January 1829 – 15 July 1909) was a Norwegian teacher, priest, translator and biographer.[1][2]

Johannes Belsheim was born in the village of Thorpegardane at Vang in Oppland. He attended Asker Seminary in Akershus. Belsheim took matriculation in 1858. He attended Heltberg's school which prepared students for admission exams at the university and in 1861 he took his Degree in Theology. He was a teacher in Grue in Solør from 1856 and at Porsgrunn in Telemark during 1862. He served as rector of Vefsn teacher's college (Vefsn lærerskole) in Nordland during 1863. He was assigned as vicar in Sør-Varanger in 1864 and at Bjelland in Vest-Agder from 1870 to 1875.[3]

As a writer, his topics covered several themes. He is principally associated with his studies of Biblical manuscripts, including the Codex Aureus, Codex Gigas, Codex Corbeiensis I, Codex Palatinus, Codex Veronensis, and Codex Claromontanus V. He also wrote a biography of Ivar Aasen.[4]



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