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Circulation14,756 (Jan-June 2009)
PublisherPaul Adamson
FounderPaul Adamson
Founded2002; 22 years ago (2002)
CompanyEncompass Publications SA
Based inBrussels

E!Sharp is a bimonthly English-language magazine which covers EU affairs and transatlantic relations by providing analysis and commentary. Its editorial offices are in Brussels, Belgium.[1]

History and profile[edit]

E!Sharp was founded by Paul Adamson in 2002.[1] The magazine was established to promote public interest on EU-related politics.[1] For the first three years it was published on a monthly basis.[1] Then it began to be published bimonthly.[1] It also publishes a Jargon Alert guide which is available online.[2]

E!Sharp claims a readership of "decision-makers in both policymaking and business circles, in Brussels and in national capitals around the EU."[3] Between January and June 2009 the magazine had a circulation of 14,756 copies.[3]

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