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Dygra Films was a computer animation studio located in A Coruña, Spain, founded in 1987 as a graphic design studio. After producing many interactive CD-ROM titles, they began their work on their first feature-length CG film The Living Forest in 1997 and established the name Dygra Films in 2000.

They have also released computer-animated short films: Taxia, and a trilogy of Mosquis films for Manos Unidas, a charitable organization in Spain.

They closed down in 2012 after claims from underpaid animators.

Feature-length films[edit]

Scheduled, but unreleased[edit]

  • Holy Night! — est. December 2010
  • The Golden Donkey (El Asno de Oro) — 2011
  • In Search of Oniria aka Lost & Found (En Busca de Oniria) — est. 2012


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